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Teachers in Maryland have historically been well-paid compared to teachers in other states, with salaries hovering around the top 10 nationally. Pay varies from district to district, but generally depends on years of experience and education level. In Montgomery County's public schools, for example, a beginning teacher with a bachelor's degree makes $46,400, while a teacher with a master's degree and10 years of experience makes $70,300. Teachers with even more experience and education - nineteen years of teaching and sixty credits beyond a master's degree, earn $103,600, according to the Montgomery County School District.

Maryland currently has a shortage of teachers for a number of content areas, including career and technology education, computer science, English as a second language, Chinese, Spanish, math, science, and special education.

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Selected Master's degree programs in Maryland

University of Maryland - Baltimore County. The University of Maryland - Baltimore County offers Master of Arts in teaching degrees in early childhood education, elementary education, and secondary education. The degrees take the equivalent of four semesters' worth of study, and most students take classes part-time. The school also offers an accelerated 12-month Master of Arts in teaching degree.

Loyola University - Maryland. Loyola offers master's degrees in a number of education fields, including curriculum and instruction, music education, literacy education, school counseling, and special education. The school also offers a master of arts in teaching.

Bowie State University. Bowie State offers master's degrees in counseling, elementary education, secondary education, special education, and reading.

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