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This website features a database containing every nationally accredited distance learning / online Teaching Degree Program (at least as many as we could find, after looking through the websites of over 1,700 schools). It is now possible to get a degree with only minimal actual class time, completing the majority of your work in the comfort of your home. These programs can be an excellent option for working adults with families.

According to a recent study done for the US Department of Education, students who do part or all of their coursework online perform slightly better than students who do all their work in a face to face classroom setting.

Online Degrees in Education.

As a rule, you should try to contact multiple schools when you're looking for a online education degree program. Like with many other things, the way to find the best teaching program is to spend some time shopping around. There are very meaningful differences between the programs in terms of cost, admissions requirements, and other characteristics.

If you're looking into online teaching degrees, you're probably motivated at least in part by one of their chief benefits: convenience. While some online teaching degree programs - especially those for new teachers - require at least some face time, others are completely virtual, allowing you to complete your coursework at home, from a library, or even possibly on your phone. This sort of flexible scheduling is especially attractive to students who have a family, a job, or both.

Is it Easier to Earn a Teaching Degree Online?

Don't assume "flexible" means "easy." A good online teaching degree program will require a significant amount of work. Some schools advise setting aside 20 hours or more per week for your studies. Program lengths vary, from around a year or more for some master's degrees and certificates to up to four or five years for some bachelor's degrees.

What Kind of Online Education Degrees Are There?

There are several types of online teaching degrees available. Online-only bachelor's degree programs in teaching exist, but are rare, likely because they typically require a student teaching component. The same goes for online alternative teacher certification programs. Both degrees may lead to new teacher certification. More common are add-on certificate and graduate degree programs for current teachers. These degrees and certificates may lead to a salary increase for some teachers or may qualify teachers to work in a new grade level or content area.

What Should You Expect From an Online Teaching Degree?

Online instruction methods vary from school to school, and even from course to course, so you'll want to check with each institution to ask how instruction is delivered. Common methods include online discussion boards, textbooks, and streaming videos of lectures. Students demonstrate their mastery of course material through tests, quizzes, papers, and written assignments.

How should you decide on an online teaching program?

Many online degree programs are relatively new and are still establishing their reputations, so it's imperative that you research any institution you're considering to make sure it will help you achieve your goals. If possible, speak to someone who is currently enrolled to see if they would recommend the online education programs that they are taking. Or, look online for testimonials of former students, or even try to connect with some of them through social media outlets

Another good way to decide on which online education degree you should pursue is to contact the human resources departments in school districts where you'd like to teach and ask them how they regard the schools you're considering. Also, research each school's student loan default rate. According to the U.S. Department of Education, the national default rate was 11.2 percent in 2017, the most recent year for which statistics were available. If a school has a default rate significantly higher than this number, it may indicate that the school's graduates are having trouble securing the types of jobs they want.

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