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Our Mission

At EducationDegree.com, our mission is to provide you with everything you need to know in order to make your dream of becoming a teacher a reality.

We are dedicated to including useful information that is accurate and current. Some of the things you will find on our page include a detailed explanation of teaching, including opportunities in teaching, educational paths and degrees, career outlook, and salary expectations. You’ll also find a directory of both on-campus and online schools offering all levels of education degrees, with a special programs-by-state page. We showcase reflections and advice from teachers and teaching experts, as well as a compilation of resources, including professional organizations, accrediting boards, and publications dedicated to teaching.

If you’re looking for information on how you might make school more affordable, you’re in luck! Check out our extensive guide to financial aid, grants, and scholarships. Whatever your need may be, let us accompany you on your journey into the world of education!

Who Are We?

At EducationDegree.com we are proud to be a part of helping you reach your career goals. We are a diverse group of people with experience in education, marketing, web development, and more. Our belief in the importance of accessible, high-quality education motivates us to make EducationDegree.com the best it can be.

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Our Team Lineup

Sarah Mattie, Editor

Prior to becoming a content production editor, Sarah Mattie spent about a decade working in education. She began that career as an English language learner aide, ultimately earning a master’s degree in theatre education and working in public and private schools as a language arts and theatre teacher. During that time, she co-wrote curricula for two institutions and developed after-school programming. As an educator-turned-content editor, she strives to make sure that teachers get the information they need in a way that shows an understanding of their day-to-day joys and struggles. Since you can’t fully take the classroom out of the teacher, Sarah Mattie continues to work as a freelance teaching artist.

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Gwen Duzenberry, Contributing Writer

Gwen Duzenberry has a master’s in reading education and an MBA in project management. In addition to teaching in public and private schools with experience in preschool, elementary, secondary and post-secondary education, she developed training materials for Fortune 500 companies and worked in the healthcare, pharmaceuticals, technology, and consulting industries before becoming a freelance writer.

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Catlin Lehmann, Business Development Manager

Catlin manages the business development and client services team for EducationDegree.com. Catlin’s mother was her very own high school English literature and forensics teacher, and her grandfather was a long-standing school board member for her nearby high school. Catlin doesn’t have the same passion for teaching youth, but she acts as a mentor in the workplace and helps connect thousands of prospective students to schools with education programs so they can pursue their dream careers. Outside of work, it’s likely you find Catlin at any concert within a 30-mile radius of Kansas City.

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Mat Owens, Development Manager

Mat, a graduate of the University of Kansas, manages the development team for EducationDegree.com and works alongside a diverse team of talented designers, developers, and QA engineers. He enjoys building tools that assist individuals in defining a path towards their ideal profession. In addition to his development work, Mat enjoys spending time with his family, rooting for his Jayhawks and eating Kansas City BBQ (and no, there’s no debate, Kansas City BBQ is hands-down better than Texas, Memphis, or anywhere else).

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