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Resources for Teachers

The following is a list of resources for teachers on a range of subjects, from classroom management and moral support to current trends in education. Many of the options have been handpicked by teachers in the field and span various types of media, including podcasts and chat forums as well as books, articles, and trade publications.

Resources on Education Trends

  • Current Issues in Education: A trade publication, CIE is a peer-reviewed academic journal from Arizona State University that focuses on timely education topics both internationally and locally.
  • Education Week: Education Week is a nonprofit publisher of news and insight from early childhood though K-12 education. Educators turn to this source for tips and updates in the industry.
  • Diverse: For over 35 years, Diverse has published news, insights, and information on diversity in America’s higher education system. This trade publication focuses on equal access to higher education for everyone, especially underrepresented groups such as people with disabilities, seniors, LGBTQIA, veterans, and minorities.
  • Education Trends: A podcast for top news, trends, and the future of higher education, including technological advancements and the science of learning.
  • Edutopia: Another great trade publication, Edutopia was founded by the famous filmmaker George Lucas in 1991. It’s full of research, teaching strategies, and updates on education trends for grades K-12. You’ll even find inspiring ideas and moral support.
  • Education World: For information on issues, trends, reform, and recent research, Education World has it all! You’ll even find lesson plans for teachers on this website.
  • Teaching Resources: A Facebook group full of resources for teachers of grades 2 to 6. The website and Facebook group were created by a retired teacher, and she shares ready-to-use resources and printables that you can implement in your classroom immediately.

Moral Support Resources for Teachers

  • Teachers.net: This chat forum offers tons of chatrooms for teachers around the globe to put their heads together and communicate on hot industry topics. They have boards for various types of teachers at all grade levels.
  • Upper Elementary Teacher Connection: Collaborate and connect with other upper elementary school educators in this closed Facebook group, where teachers share strategies and support each other.
  • Educator’s Networking International: Social media is an excellent resource for teachers to reach out to one another and receive moral support, and this Facebook group for teachers focuses on innovative technology and jobs in education around the world.
  • Angela Watson – The Cornerstone for Teachers: A Facebook group for teachers, this group offers practical ideas for enjoyable and effective teaching. It was created by author and teacher Angela Watson, who offers books for teachers as well like her newest release called “Fewer Things Better.”
  • Teacher Thought: In this article, learn how to reduce teacher burnout and maintain a happy career with these 25 helpful tips.
  • Madly Learning: This Instagram account was created by Ontario teacher and blogger Patti, who shares tips and fun photos for educators.
  • Teach Learn Lead: A website that connects you to remarkable people, events and places along the educational continuum.

Classroom Management

Technology Tools to Aid Instruction

  • Accessibility Tools, Tips, and Tricks for Google: In this podcast on integrating Google products into the classroom, you’ll find relevant updates and fun ways to enrich learning.
  • YouTuber Richard Byrne: This YouTube channel discusses and provides demos to help teachers integrate tech like Google Earth into the classroom.
  • SimpleK12: A Facebook group created by the popular website of the same name, Simply K12 helps teachers use technology as educational tools. There’s also a closed group for members only.
  • Google Classroom: A helpful app for educators formerly known as Google Apps for Education, you can organize class materials in your Google Drive, grade assignments, and have classroom discussions online.
  • Learn Around the World: This website allows you to connect with classrooms around the world. You can collaborate with students in different countries on projects and even take virtual field trips.
  • Popplet: Popplet is a tool that helps students think visually by allowing them to connect images with facts and ideas. Popplet is available for the web and as an app.

Assessment and Standardized Testing Resources

  • Teach Thought: An article on the difference between an assessment of learning and for learning, with links to resources on assessment for current teachers.
  • National Education Association: This article, published by the NEA, discusses teaching despite the test, rather than allowing standardized testing to ruin teaching. You’ll also find some tips on using creativity in the classroom.
  • Assessment Literacy for Educators in a Hurry: A book on the fundamentals, concepts, and procedures of testing.
  • Edutopia: This podcast episode from the popular website offers the five keys educators need to help students through comprehensive assessments.

Resources to Aid with Promoting Inclusion in the Classroom

Resources to Promote Positive Parent-Teacher Relationships

  • National Education Association: This article, published by the NEA, discusses what to do when parents complain.
  • Scholastic: An article with 9 various techniques middle school teachers can use to build a solid parent-teacher relationship.
  • Reading Rockets: This article lays out the benefits and strategies for building parent-teacher relationships.
  • Listen Notes: A podcast with episodes on parent-teacher relationships, which is split into parts 1 and part 2.

Networking and Professional Organizations

Professional Development and Continuing Education Resources

  • CE Credits Online: This online CE provider offers graduate-level courses for both new and experienced K-12 teachers and administrators.
  • What Works in Schools: Translating Research into Action: Learn about the nature of effective schooling and gain a clear insight into teaching research through this book.
  • Teaching Channel: Social media is a great place to continue developing your professional interests, and this Pinterest channel is an online community where educators can learn various techniques to help their students.