Teaching Programs in New York

Few states have the huge education industry that New York does. This state's public school system serves millions of students across hundreds of schools, and every single one of those students has the right to an excellent education.

As the state's education commissioner and governor debate about what New York students need, it is clear that great teachers are at the forefront of that list. This includes teachers at all grade levels and with expertise in all different subjects.

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As a teacher, you must be able to develop a strong understanding of different subjects and utilize different teaching techniques to explain them to students. These skills come with time and practice, which is why the training you receive as a teaching student is so important. Degree options available in New York include alternative certification programs, Bachelor's degree programs, and graduate degree programs. Advanced students can also look into doctoral degrees.

The courses that you are expected to take vary with program and area of focus. For example, aspiring secondary school English teachers can get the training they need in classes like Adolescents in a Learning Environment, Introduction to Educational Thought, Education in American Society, Educational Psychology, and Adolescent Development. Classroom time is required in any education degree, so you should get the chance to become familiar with local school districts.

New York has a wide range of student aid programs for those who are studying teaching. In particular, math and science teachers are in high demand. The New York State Higher Education Service Corporation awards scholarships of $1000 each to math and science teachers.

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