Teaching Programs in Pennsylvania

Although education is important in all parts of the United States, some states put more into their education system than others. Pennsylvania, for example, is an excellent state in which to be a teacher. The state just overhauled their pension system to provide more money to the education system every year. This is expected to pay off in many ways and strengthen the future workforce of Pennsylvania.

When you start your teaching career in a state that values your work, you can benefit from the support of legislators, parents, and the community. Take the first step in your new career and get information from teaching programs in Pennsylvania.

When you decide to earn a teaching degree, you must choose an age range that you want to teach. With a Bachelor's degree or Master's degree, you become an expert in that particular stage of child development and how children at that stage learn. Different specialty areas in Pennsylvania include early childhood, elementary education, secondary education, post-secondary education, and special education.

As you move through your curriculum, you build a strong foundation of teaching skills and techniques. Some of the classes that you may take as an undergraduate student include Instructional Technology, Teaching Reading in Elementary Schools, Supporting Learning and Behavior in the Classroom, Literacy and Language Development in Young Children, and Conceptual Foundations of Teaching. You bring all of your knowledge together in your final semester of school, in which you complete a student teaching experience at a nearby school.

Immediately after being accepted to a teaching program, you may want to explore financial aid options to avoid missing deadlines. A significant source of funding in Pennsylvania is Pennsylvania Partnerships for Children.

Through at least 2022, the job outlook for teachers may remain stable in Pennsylvania. This is reflected in a predicted 5% boost in job openings for elementary school teachers and the creation of over 1,300 secondary school jobs per year through 2022 (O*Net, 2015).

Getting involved in the education community of Pennsylvania is an excellent way to develop your skills, find out what employers expect, and learn about Pennsylvania education culture. You may benefit from joining the Pennsylvania State Education Association.

  • Elementary School Teachers in Pennsylvania: $59,050 per year (BLS, 2015)
  • Secondary School Teachers in Pennsylvania: $60,290 per year (BLS, 2015)
  • Post-Secondary Teachers in Pennsylvania: $58,790 per year (BLS, 2015)

Teacher Training Programs in Pennsylvania

  • Grand Canyon University Online: Students at Grand Canyon Online University can earn either a Bachelor's degree or Master's degree in a variety of fields. Some of the most popular Grand Canyon University Online programs available focus on fields like elementary education, special education, educational leadership, and instructional technology. Currently, the Grand Canyon University graduation rate is 30%.
  • Penn State University: With the variety of Penn State online degree programs offered at this school, working students may still have the freedom to advance their education. Online grad school Penn State offerings include educational leadership, higher education, children's literature, English, social studies, and world language education. Penn State education programs are also available at the Bachelor's degree level.
  • University of Pennsylvania: Through the University of Pennsylvania, students may explore dozens of graduate-level programs. There are offerings in educational linguistics, education policy, professional counseling, school leadership, literacy and reading, learning technology, and education research.

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