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This is your gateway to the most comprehensive and easily searchable database on the Web of Teacher Education Programs (both degree and certificate). We're constantly looking for more schools and programs to include, to make sure the database is as fresh and useful as possible. There are a few ways to search this data.

1. If you want to find specific types of programs near you, use the search box at the top right corner of the page.

2. If you want to find online programs, use the links in the left sidebar of this page, or else click on one of the schools whose logos you see to the right.

3. If you want to browse campus based programs, use the links below to access the individual state pages. These pages contain detail on the state itself (links and data for each state) as well as more detail on the individual schools in that state that offer Teacher Education Programs.

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What to Look For

The schools listed on this site all have separate admissions requirements, and offer many different types of programs and program specializations. You should make sure to contact multiple schools, so you can compare their requirements, offerings, cost, and so on.

Some of the key things to ask the schools about include:

1. Tuition (of course...).

2. Certification - you should make sure to find out whether the program qualifies you to receive teacher certification from the state Department of Education. If it's a graduate program, it may also have certain certification-related admission requirements.

3. Residency requirements - especially if you're looking for a post-Bachelors program (Masters, Doctorate, Post-Baccalaureate, Alternative Certification, etc.). Check out our "Online Programs" page (link in the menu bar above) for more detail, but the short version is that graduate programs vary widely as far as how often they require you to come to campus, and for how long.

Again, all of these requirements vary by school, so you will need to speak directly with each school to understand their exact requirements and what you may need to do to prepare.

If you see any errors or omissions in these listings, please use the Rate This Site box at the bottom left corner of the page to let us know, or email us. Enjoy!