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With an eclectic landscape of rural, suburban, and urban areas, Illinois has many challenges to address when it comes to education and ensuring that all students have equal educational opportunities. No matter which age group you may be interested in teaching or where your skills lie in terms of subject area, teaching may be an excellent and fulfilling career choice for you.

If you're ready to jump into a teaching career, keep reading to learn more about education programs in Illinois.

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How Can I Get a Teaching Degree in Illinois?

One of the first steps in becoming an Illinois teacher is deciding which type of teaching license you would like to earn. If you want to teach a variety of subjects, elementary education may be the Bachelor's degree you need. If you would rather focus on one specific area of study, consider going into secondary education. Studying post-secondary education prepares you for an education career at the college setting. Another option is special education, a degree which prepares you to meet the unique needs of students with limitations.

The degree level and licensure type you choose at this point determines which classes you'll take throughout your education. If you go into elementary education, you may take a diverse array of classes like Teaching Elementary School Science, Teaching Reaching in Elementary Schools, Managing Effective Classrooms, and Survey of Elementary Education. Prior to graduation, you should spend about one semester working as a student teacher and getting feedback from an experienced teacher at your licensure level.

Illinois has quite a few financial aid opportunities for aspiring teachers, particularly those who are willing to go into high demand specialties. The Illinois Special Education Tuition Waiver Program waives tuition fees for special education teachers who agree to work in Illinois after graduation.

Outlook for Educators in Illinois

Because of the range of educational needs in Illinois, getting involved with your local teaching community can really prep you for your career. The Illinois Education Association is one of the largest professional teaching organizations in the state.

Overall, job openings for Illinois teachers will increase between now and 2026.  According to CareerOneStop, average annual job openings at different education levels will be:

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2017 Median Annual Teaching Salaries in Illinois

Teacher Training Programs in Illinois

  • Western Illinois University: Whether you're considering an undergraduate or graduate degree, you may find options at Western Illinois University. Areas of study include early childhood education, bilingual education, secondary education, and special education.
  • University of Illinois: As one of the largest institutions in Illinois, University of Illinois online degree programs are well-suited to self-driven students. Master's-level programs at the University of Illinois Chicago online campus include diversity and equity in education, educational administration, and principal preparation. Other University of Illinois online degree options include a certificate in bilingual/ESL education and a certificate in educational research.
  • Grand Canyon University Online: With education programs in early, elementary, secondary, and special education, Grand Canyon Online University is a convenient choice for distance learners. The Grand Canyon University graduation rate is 30%.

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