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Masters in Education Programs in Ohio

If you’re ready to expand your teaching career options and revolutionize education, Ohio needs your vision and creativity.

Ohio is consistently ahead of trends in education, which is why the state has so many effective and highly-praised teachers. With a master’s degree, you could explore job openings in administration and leadership, expand your classroom duties or help mentor new teachers.

One of the latest initiatives in Ohio looks at the use of technology in education. Ohio State University has paired with Apple to integrate technology in teaching and learning, as well as research (Ohio State News, 2017). Tackling this initiative as a graduate student could prepare you to bring new technology to your classroom.

Earning a master’s in education is the first step to advancing your knowledge and changing your classroom. On this page, find out how to earn a graduate teaching degree and how you can use this training after graduation.

Earning your Master’s in Education in Ohio

Graduate education students have many options in Ohio. If you plan on working throughout your training, online MAT programs let you complete your training online while still working as a classroom teacher. Explore different specialties and degree options.

School NameLocationDegrees OfferedNotable Facts
Ohio UniversityAthensM.Ed, M.S., M.A.: higher education, counselor education, educational foundations, educational administration, instructional technology, coaching educationCombine practical teaching and administrative skills with a thorough understanding of theory and research techniques
Ohio State UniversityColumbusM.A.: teaching and learning, educational studies, community literacies, foreign language education, literature for children, reading and literacy, elementary education, STEM

M.Ed: teaching and learning, early childhood education, middle childhood education, English education, science education, integrated social studies, foreign language education, visual impairments, hearing impairments

Ranked #18 on the U.S. News Best Education Schools list
Ashland UniversityAshlandM.Ed: adult education, educational leadership, literacy and reading instruction, intervention specialist, talent development education, educational technologyOffers centers in Cleveland, Columbus, and Elyria
Ohio Dominican UniversityColumbusM.A.: English, TESOL

M.Ed: curriculum and instruction, educational leadership

Offers a range of endorsements and certificates to expand your teaching license

Selected Master’s degree programs in Ohio

  • Ohio University Athens. Ohio University offers master’s degree programs in counseling, instructional technology, and administration, among other areas of education. The school also offers an all-online master’s degree in coaching.
  • Kent State University. Kent State offers an array of graduate degrees in education, including a Master of Education in several areas and a Master of Arts in teaching. The Master of Arts in teaching degree prepares non-teachers to enter the educational field, and students can become licensed in a number of content areas, including art, math, language arts, and social studies.
  • The University of Toledo. The University of Toledo offers well over a dozen education master’s degrees, with areas of emphasis ranging from art and music to chemistry and German. Many of the degrees are offered on a part-time basis, and some offer night, weekend, and online classes.

Scholarships and Grants for Advanced Education Degree Students in Ohio

A graduate degree is a significant investment, but with financial aid you may offset some of your expenses. Options in Ohio include forgivable loans, grants and scholarships.

Working in Ohio with a Master’s in Education Degree

Teaching master’s programs are versatile, giving you the tools you need to try different career paths in education and other industries. Many choose to stay within the field of education. If you love classroom teaching, use your master’s degree to boost your understanding of your students’ needs. You can use the theory training you get to improve student outcomes. You may also want to look into leadership positions, such as vice principal, principal or district administrator.

Committing to a graduate program may help you spread your wings as an educator. A Bureau of Labor Statistics report indicates that over 20% of awarded master’s degrees are in education. They also note that teachers with master’s degrees often out-earn those at the bachelor’s degree level. Master’s-level administrators earn an average of $75,000 per year. Graduate-educated teachers in early, elementary, middle, secondary and special education claim average incomes ranging from $43,000 to $56,000 per year.

Job outlook data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that the field of education is growing steadily throughout the country. Job openings for elementary, secondary, middle school, and kindergarten teachers are expected to jump 6% through 2024. Demand for preschool teachers may swell 7% during this time.

There are options that extend beyond the classroom. Some graduates work in testing and career facilities like the Buckeye Hills Career Center. Graduates can work on curriculum development by applying for jobs with the state government. McGraw-Hill Education also has several locations in Ohio. If you want to make a difference in Ohio education as a whole, look into employment with nonprofits like the Ohio Coalition for the Education of Children with Disabilities and the Eastern Ohio Education Partnership.

Professional Research Initiatives

While you can do a lot from your classroom, you can also revolutionize Ohio education as a researcher. Research initiatives in this state aim to improve the classroom experience for all students, measure student outcomes and empower teachers to make a difference.

  • Policy Matters Ohio: This research institute covers many areas of interest in Ohio, but education is one of their major areas of concern. They tackle issues like inequalities in education and for-profit schools.
  • Education Equity Research Initiative: Topics covered by this research initiative include income inequalities that affect education, learning and retention and measurement of school performance.
  • Ohio G.R.E.A.T.: Through this research project, educators hope to make higher education more accessible to Ohio residents and encourage graduates to work in Ohio.

The skills you learn in teaching master’s programs translate well to many other fields. You can use your ability to connect with students to explore jobs in sales. Your newfound leadership skills could make you a great fit for a business or management role. Other industries for education graduates include social services, higher education and career development.

Earning a master’s in education can help you put your teaching skills to work in new and innovative ways. Using our list of Ohio graduate teaching programs, request information from schools that offer your program of choice.

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