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Master’s in Education Programs in Indiana

A new law in Indiana, passed in May 2011, will drastically change how teachers in the state are paid. The state’s “merit pay” law requires schools to evaluate and pay teachers based mostly on student performance on standardized tests, rather than the criteria teacher pay has traditionally been based on – years of service and level of education attained. Some teachers will likely see a pay increase based on the new law, while others will suffer. Teachers with high-performing students will earn extra money, while other teachers will be ineligible for automatic scheduled pay raises.

Local districts will create their own teacher evaluation systems, but it appears that years of service and extra education – such as a master’s degree – will still play some role in determining a teacher’s salary. Historically, Indiana has paid teachers at rates slightly better than the national average.

Indiana is experiencing teacher shortages in a number of areas, and teachers with the right qualifications could face an easier time job hunting than some others. The state needs more people to teach English as a second language, journalism, language arts, math, reading, science, social studies, and world languages, among other areas.

Below is a list of Masters of Education programs in Indiana. Use the links to request information from schools that you are interested in, or use the nearby state links below to find additional Masters of Education programs in states near you.

Masters in Education Programs in Nearby Sates

Selected Master’s degree programs in Indiana

Ball State University. Ball State offers a Master of Arts in education in curriculum and educational technology, a Master of Arts in adult and community education, and a Master of Arts in secondary education. All courses in the secondary education program are offered via distance education or online.

Bethel College. Bethel College offers both a Master of Education degree and a Master of Arts in teaching degree. Each program allows students to specialize in literacy or school leadership, or to receive a generalist degree.

University of Southern Indiana. The University of Southern Indiana offers Master of Science in education degrees in both elementary and secondary education.

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