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Start Teaching in Pittsburgh

If you’ve ever considered becoming a teacher, you may have considered completing your education and staring your career in Pittsburgh. This city is home to Pittsburgh Public Schools, a large public school district that serves the large city as well as Mount Oliver. Within this school district, there are dozens of K-12 schools that serve over 28,000 students. More than 5,000 teachers and other education professionals are employed by this district. Don’t wait to learn more about becoming a teacher in Pittsburgh. Use our directory to request information about programs today!

There are many educational opportunities for those hoping to become teachers in Pittsburgh. Local news station WPXI reports that STEM education in this area is rapidly gaining importance. You may be able to train for an education career at one of Pittsburgh major colleges, including University of Pittsburgh, Duquesne University, or Carnegie Mellon University.

Choosing Education Programs in Pittsburgh

As you prepare to start your teacher training, you may want to start taking advantage of the many teaching organizations that are based out of Pittsburgh. Whether you’re a working teacher or an aspiring teacher, these organizations can help you become part of the teaching community while learning more about how to be an effective teacher. The Pittsburgh Federation of Teachers is the local teaching union, offering regular meetings and training events for teachers that want to expand their skills. You may also wish to join the Pittsburgh Education Association, which offers training on Common Core Standards and unites teachers throughout the region. If you specifically want to work in music education, consider membership in the Greater Pittsburgh Chapter of the Pennsylvania Music Teachers Association. Science teachers may receive specialized training and conference opportunities through the Pennsylvania Science Teachers Association.

Wondering which teacher certification option is best for you? If you’re pursuing your first degree or you have an Associate’s degree, you may wish to earn a Bachelor’s degree in education or in a teaching subject. Alternative teacher certification may be an option if you have a Bachelor’s degree that you want to use in your teaching career. If you want to add to your existing certification, you may want to get a Master’s degree or complete another certification course.

Pittsburgh Teaching Job Outlook

Pennsylvania has a growing need for teachers, leading to a positive job outlook around the Pittsburgh area. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that Lebanon, PA has the fourth-highest average salary for kindergarten areas in the country, while Pennsylvania has some of the highest employment levels for elementary school teachers. Similarly, nearby regions have high employment levels for middle school teachers and high school teachers.

You may find that, generally speaking, Pittsburgh teaching salaries are in line with national averages. Kindergarten teachers earn an average salary of $55,540 per year and elementary school teachers bring in an average of $58,020 annually (BLS, 2013). Middle school and high school teachers earn slightly more. The median income for a middle school teacher is $58,440 per year and the average salary for a high school teacher is $60,320 annually (BLS, 2013).

If you’re looking for a career path that can help you make a significant impact on society while building a career that you enjoy, becoming a teacher may be the right career move for you. Use our school listings to help you take the first step today!