New Jersey Teaching Certificate Programs

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Below you’ll find a comprehensive listing of the Graduate Teaching Certificate programs available from schools in New Jersey. If you're looking for initial teacher certification programs, check out either our list of Bachelors in Education Programs or New Jersey Alternative Certification Programs. Most of the programs down below are for people who are already teachers.

New Jersey's State Board of Education is concerned that academically disadvantaged and minority students are falling behind their peers in the state. In response, the state has implemented a task force to help schools close that achievement gap. New Jersey teachers play an important role in this initiative. They must help students thrive in the public school environment. No matter what subject you teach, earning an add-on certificate in special education, gifted education, or ESL can help you reach a variety of New Jersey students. According to the New Jersey Department of Education, there were about 2,200 fewer highly qualified teachers in high-poverty schools than low-poverty schools in 2011.

At Georgian Court University, teachers can earn add-on certificates in areas like ESL and teaching students with disabilities. The university also has courses that help teachers fulfill National Board Certification requirements. At Monmouth University, teachers can earn add-on certificates in ESL, bilingual education, and a number of specialized subjects, including Chinese and autism education. According to the U.S. Department of Education, ESL teachers are in demand for the 2011-2012 school year. Finally, William Patterson University offers an add-on certificate in science and special education, both high-need areas in New Jersey schools. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that New Jersey employed more than 5,000 special education teachers in May 2010.

Schools in New Jersey:

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