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Alternative Teacher Certification Programs in New Jersey

According to New Jersey Real-Time News, New Jersey has been experiencing a critical teacher shortage in the subjects of special education, math, and science, especially physics, since 2001. According to data compiled by the National Center for Alternative Education, New Jersey hires up to 10,000 new teachers every year, and a huge percentage – approximately one in four – enter the profession through non-traditional routes.

The New Jersey Department of Education has a five-step process in place to help eligible candidates earn an alternate teaching certificate. An individual who possesses a bachelor’s degree with a cumulative GPA of 2.5 must also:

  • Apply for a Certificate of Eligibility, or CE, from the Office of Licensure and Academic Credentials.
  • Obtain a Certificate of Eligibility and accept employment.
  • Enter the Provisional Teacher Program.
  • Meet mentoring and formal instruction requirements for the specific subject area.
  • Successfully complete the Provisional Teacher Program and receive a Standard teaching certificate.


Two programs you may consider are the Drew University Urban Fellows program and the QUEST Teacher Preparation Program. The Drew University Urban Fellows program was instituted in June 2010 and is a unique track created specifically to meet the needs of urban schools by training individuals who have been active in the Peace Corps, Vista, AmeriCorps, and former lay missionaries. Subject areas covered include English, math, chemistry, biology, and bilingual education. The QUEST Teacher Preparation Program is offered by Farleigh Dickinson University and gives candidates the opportunity to earn a bachelor’s degree in a liberal arts or science major while at the same time earning a Master’s of Arts in Teaching (M.A.T.). In addition, students of the QUEST program may choose to specialize further to become guidance counselors, subject area supervisors, or child study team members. In 1997, the New Jersey Department of Education named the QUEST program the “Best Practice for Professional Education.”

Top Online Schools for Teachers In New Jersey

With education a prime factor in the state of New Jersey, potential
teaching applicants have to investigate all options to get some key
credentials for their career. There are a slew of resources that
are available to those interested.

Rutgers University
Rutgers University has a firm online learning program that includes
a good number of degrees in education. The comprehensive platform
also affords one the opportunity to get specialized certification for
classroom instruction.

Grand Canyon University Online
The online education department at Grand Canyon University
possesses a handful of degrees available to budding teaching
professionals. Another aspect of interest lies in the flexibility
of course schedules available to students.

Seton Hall University
At Seton Hall University, one will find a sizeable amount of online
degrees to pursue through their education department. To that
end, the school also provides an extensive number of teaching
certificate programs for eager students.

Walden University Online
Walden University’s online education program can be one route
for aspiring teachers to gain degrees toward their career goals.
One element of that is the vast array of available degrees from
the undergraduate to doctorate levels.

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