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Master’s in Education Programs in North Dakota

North Dakota ranks low among all states in teacher salaries. Perhaps as a result, the state is facing critical shortages of teachers in virtually every content area except for elementary education and physical education. This means that North Dakota isn’t just scrambling for math, science, and English as second language teachers – positions that most states have difficulty filling – but also art, English language arts, and social studies teachers, among others.

Having a master’s degree isn’t required to teach in North Dakota, but it can increase your pay significantly. In Bismark, for example, a beginning teacher with a master’s degree earns almost $4,000 more per year than a beginning teacher with only a bachelor’s degree. And salaries in the district top out at around $43,000 for teachers with only a bachelor’s degree, while teachers with a master’s degree can earn more than $64,000 a year, as reported by the North Dakota Education Association.

Selected Master’s Degree Programs in North Dakota

University of Mary. The University of Mary offers masters degrees in areas including reading, early childhood education, and curriculum, instruction, and assessment, among others.

Valley City State University. Valley City State offers online Master of Education degrees, designed for working educators who want to further their careers. Students can concentrate in teaching and technology, teaching English language learners, technology education, or library and information technologies.

University of North Dakota. The University of North Dakota offers a wide array of graduate programs, both on campus and online. Master of Science and Master of Education degrees are offered in elementary education, reading education, special education, and other specialties.

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