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Master’s in Education Programs in Montana

According to a 2005 American Federation of Teachers Survey, Montana teachers, even those with master’s degrees, make among the nation’s lowest salaries. Teachers with master’s degrees make only around $32,000 per year, while teachers with PhDs make just around $35,000. However, choosing to teach with a master’s degree in Montana still offers some distinct advantages. Montana is a large, open state filled with mountains and ranches. Its low population density means it’s not crowded and has a low cost of living, so teachers do not necessarily need to make much to live well. And because Montana requires teachers to have a master’s degree to earn a professional teaching certificate, most teachers who want to make a long-term career out of teaching in the state must plan to earn a master’s degree.

The host of the Center for Learning and Teaching in the West, an organization dedicated to improving math and science education in Western states, Montana State University’s Bozeman campus offers a master’s of education program through alternative certification. This transition to teaching program takes three years to complete. The Billings branch of Montana State University offers more traditional Master of Education programs, which include various specializations. The master’s programs allow students to focus on studies that range from reading to counseling. In Missoula, the University of Montana also has a master’s of education program in Educational Leadership. The 37-credit plan of study can be used to help teachers transition to a role in administration.

Below is a list of Masters of Education programs in Montana. Use the links to request information from schools that you are interested in, or use the nearby state links below to find additional Masters of Education programs in states near you.

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