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Doctorate in Education Degrees in Massachusetts

If you want to pursue the top positions in the field of education, earning your EdD or Doctorate in Education is a critical step in the right direction. With your EdD you can develop into a leader that has a significant impact in your organization’s performance and ability to inspire students. EducationDegree.com is your way to find the information you need to choose the right doctorate in education program. Continue reading to learn more about earning your EdD in Massachusetts. And contact our featured programs to learn more!

PhD Programs in Massachusetts

Massachusetts has excellent universities that offer programs for students who would like to get their doctorate in education, and they are typically 36 months long. There are a wide variety of fields offered in education, which focus the necessary skills to perform in a leadership position and to develop new skills in statistical and data analysis. The opportunity to be published in an academic journal while working with a faculty member is also feasible. A doctorate in education prepares the leaders of tomorrow’s educational systems to conduct original research, focus on the study of policies of education, to become professors in universities and lead the transformation urban schools.

The doctorate programs for education include:

  • Leadership and Policy Studies
  • Higher Education Leadership
  • Leadership and Policy Studies
  • International Education Policy and Management
  • Education/Higher Education Administration
  • Educational Administration
  • Educational Leadership

More than 75 percent of Johnson and Wales University doctoral students have advanced to leadership positions. This university utilizes the Cohort Model, which addresses the challenges of education as a team.

Starting in 2010, Harvard began offering a tuition free three year program in education leadership with the goal of preparing leaders to be able to guide an environment that is rapidly changing. The third year will be spent as a resident in the urban public schools of New York, Atlanta and Denver.

Vanderbilt Peabody College also has a unique educational style that takes 36 months to complete utilizing a weekend program. It blends practice and theory that centers on the problems of educational practice and policy.

Career Outlook for Graduates in Massachusetts

The difference between a Doctor of Education degree (EdD) and a Doctor of Philosophy Degree (PhD) is the Doctor of Philosophy is more theoretical and research based. The EdD tends to be more project based, so the available employment opportunities are more scholastic, administrative or involving research in education with public or private organizations. Certainly this degree presents better job opportunities. Starting salaries can range from $60,000 to $70,000.

Massachusetts, like so many other states, cannot fill their faculty positions in science and math. There are some other excellent job opportunities. For instance, Boston University is seeking a candidate to be the Chair of the Department of Epidemiology. Boston University receives $4.56 million annually in research awards and are currently conducting research on infectious diseases.

Northwestern University in Boston is seeking an Associate/Full Professor, and there is a Dean of the College of Education position that reports directly to the Provost. This type of position can pay $107,294 up to $137,557, depending on qualifications and past experience. A Director position is also available at Wheelock College at the Boston campus. The Director is the chief executive at Wheelock, which is a college that prepares international students wishing to enroll in American colleges.

There are also many positions available in universities, which are non-teaching positions. These include administrative positions and those in the areas of research.

To advance in the field of education, review our featured programs request information from the doctorate in education programs that interest you. We recommend contacting multiple schools to be sure you make the best decision!

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