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Alternative Teacher Certification Programs in Iowa

Iowa is a relative newcomer to alternative certification. The Iowa Teacher Intern License, the state’s first and only alternative certification pathway, was authorized in 2002 but wasn’t offered by any college or university until 2005. In 2009, the Iowa Board of Regents, acting on a request from the state’s three Regent universities, approved a new pilot ITIL program.

According to a release from the Iowa Board of Regents, the latest ITIL program was developed in response to expected teacher shortages in math and science as well as an increasing number of queries from midcareer professionals about alternative licensure.


As of 2008, about 40 teachers had become licensed through the ITIL program according to an editorial in the Des Moines Register that quoted Iowa Department of Education Director George Maurer. However, officials with the Iowa Board of Regents and the Iowa Department of Education hope the program’s latest incarnation will attract even more candidates.

The ITIL is only available to teachers at the secondary (7-12) level. Candidates must have a bachelor’s degree with a GPA of 2.0 or higher plus three years of post-baccalaureate work experience. Program participants complete introductory training that includes pedagogy coursework and 50 hours of field experience. They are then eligible to teach full time at full pay while completing additional required coursework during evenings and weekends.

The ITIL program is currently offered through The Iowa Regent’s Collaborative, Kaplan University, Maharishi University of Management and Morningside College. Exact costs and program delivery vary by school.

Top Online Schools for Teachers In Iowa

Aspiring teachers in Iowa are now looking towards obtaining degrees
in alternative programs. This is taking place as more educators are
stepping forth in Iowa and taking advantage of the state’s teaching resources.

Walden University Online
Rising interest in the online programs at Walden University may be due to
many taking advantage of financial aid options available for online learning.
In addition there’s also a fast-track program for those interested in
doctorate degrees through the institution.

Iowa State University
Iowa State has calibrated their School of Education to make it easier
for students to apply. You may also find their Educator Preparation
Program can help in terms of licensure for specialties in the field.

Grand Canyon University Online
The online degree programs at Grand Canyon University present a
number of pathways for educators. These include dedicated course
programs for those avid about teaching music and other arts.

University of Iowa
The online education program at the University of Iowa allows for
those interested in alternative methods to find specialized master’s
degree courses. They also offer certificate programs that meet
state scholastic standards for the profession.

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