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Alternative Teacher Certification Programs in Alaska

Alaska has been battling teacher shortages for over 10 years, especially in rural areas of the state and in the subjects of math, science and special education. According to the Education Resources Information Center, Alaskan universities have shown a 50 percent decline in secondary teacher graduates since before 2001. In 2010, Alaska created programs to put more teachers in its classrooms.

One way to earn teacher certification in Alaska is to earn a master’s degree in education. Otherwise, Alaska has instituted two programs to help qualified individuals earn a teaching certificate. In order to be eligible for either state-approved alternate certification program, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Possess a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution
  • Pass content-area tests and a basic competency exam
  • Complete Alaska studies and multicultural courses

Alaska’s two alternate certification programs are Troops to Teachers and the Alaska Transition to Teaching (AKT2) program. Troops to Teachers is a federally funded program created to assist eligible military personnel in making the career change to teaching in high-need schools. Stipends of up to $5,000 are available to reimburse the costs associated with teaching certification, and bonuses of $10,000 are available for those who agree to teach for at least three years in a school with a high population of lower-income students. The AKT2 program seeks college graduates and professionals and prepares them to become teachers in high-need school districts in subjects with teacher shortages. Additionally, a candidate may be able to begin teaching and earning a salary after completing a four-week summer field experience and cultural workshop, thus removing any financial hardship associated with the certification process.

Top Online Schools for Teachers in Alaska

Alaska has a rigorous path for you if you’re looking to attain
teaching certification through alternative means. The process isn’t complete
without either a State Recommendation or an Institutional Recommendation

University of Alaska Southeast at Juneau
The University of Alaska at Juneau provides online classes for mathematics
as well as an instructional technology course with regards to alternative
teaching fields.

Walden University Online
The online programs from Walden University offer many possibilities if you’re looking to gain more teaching knowledge
from primary education to policy courses.

Grand Canyon University Online
Grand Canyon University degrees are considered to be a valid option for
those looking to gain certification in teaching. The school also has a
significantly improved graduation rate according to a 2015 report by
USA Today.

Concordia University
The online programs that are offered at Concordia, based in Portland,
Oregon allow you to gain certification not only for teaching but also
for school administrative positions.