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Texas is one of the largest states in the education field in the United States. The majority of the country’s textbooks and educational materials come out of this state, so great teachers are truly the backbone of this state! With over 1.5 million residents, San Antonio is a huge city with plenty of school-age kids. In fact, there are 15 school districts serving this city, including the San Antonio Independent School District. This district serves well over 55,000 students across nine high schools, 14 middle schools, and nearly 50 elementary schools. Local colleges include University of Texas at San Antonio, San Antonio College, and Brown Mackie College.

Depending on how much prior higher education you have, there may be multiple educational options for you on your road to becoming a teacher. The city’s colleges may have alternative certification options, Master’s degree programs, and doctoral programs for aspiring or current teachers. Read on to learn more about San Antonio teacher education programs! And use our directory of schools to locate programs near you.

Becoming a Teacher in San Antonio

Before you can be responsible for educating the youth of San Antonio, you have to be properly educated yourself. If you’re already working as a teacher and you simply want to become certified in more areas, consider a certificate program at a local school. With a Bachelor’s degree, you may be able to pursue a Master’s degree or PhD through a post-graduate program. For new students with no college-level education, a Bachelor’s degree in education may be the right choice. Alternative certification programs in San Antonio are intended for Bachelor-level graduates without a teaching license.
During your time as a San Antonio teacher or teaching student, you may want to join some of the area’s teaching associations. These groups can provide quite a bit of professional and emotional support to those in the education field. The San Antonio Alliance aims to improve working conditions and results for teachers throughout the city. If you plan on working in a music specialty, consider joining the San Antonio Music Teachers Association or the Texas Music Educators Association. The Texas Association of Teacher Educators is part of a larger national organization: the Association of Teacher Educators.

Career Outlook and Salary Information for San Antonio

As a San Antonio teacher, you may be able to anticipate a fairly strong job outlook. Student enrollment is increasing at all levels of San Antonio schooling, leading to a growing need for skilled teachers that are ready to meet students’ needs. San Antonio is currently home to over 1,000 kindergarten teachers and 12,000 elementary school teachers (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2013). At higher levels of education, there are more than 5,700 middle school teachers and 7,500 high school teachers in San Antonio.
Salaries in this region tend to vary with education and experience, as is the case in most other fields. Kindergarten teachers tend to be the highest paid, with an average salary of $57,300 per year (BLS, 2013). Other salaries in San Antonio include:

  • $55,390 per year for elementary school teachers in San Antonio (BLS, 2013)
  • $55,940 per year for middle school teachers in San Antonio
  • $56,530 per year for high school teachers in San Antonio

Now is the time to look into a career in education and what it can do for our future. Take a look at our school listings and contact education programs in San Antonio near you!