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Memphis, with more than 653,000 residents, is one of the largest cities in Tennessee. Because of this state’s dedication to quality in education, Memphis also has a well-renowned school district. The Shelby County School District serves thousands of students through dozens of elementary, middle, and high schools. Teachers may serve students at many different grade levels and in many different subjects.

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As a new teacher in Memphis, you may be able to contribute to ongoing efforts to strengthen the district. News Channel 3 reports on Tennessee Promise, a program created to further education throughout the state.

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Compare Teacher Education Programs in Memphis

Memphis is home to many prominent schools that offer teaching programs, but you still have to do a bit of research and figure out which type of program is best for your professional needs. A Bachelor’s degree in education, which requires roughly four years of work, is often a well-rounded choice for new students. An alternative teacher certification may allow you to take your Bachelor’s degree and use it in the teaching field. If you want to really amplify your education in this field, a Master’s degree in another subject or type of education may be what you need.
Since Memphis is such a large city, there are many networking and professional opportunities for new, aspiring, and experienced teachers. Joining a local professional group may help you find your place in the education community. Professional Educators of Tennessee is one of the largest organizations on a statewide level, helping teachers understand and change state standards. The Memphis-Shelby County Education Association provides more targeted information and support for teachers in the Memphis area. If you know you want to work in a specialty subject, you may be able to join a group specifically for that subject. Memphis Music Teachers is part of the Tennessee Music Teachers Association and the Music Teachers National Association.

Teaching Jobs in Memphis

Tennessee has a growing need for skilled, educated teachers. This may translate to a stronger job outlook for you when you begin your career in the teaching industry. In particular, the state’s need for kindergarten teachers is fairly prominent. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that Tennessee has the fourth-highest concentration of kindergarten teachers in the country. Their estimates show that there are over 7,300 elementary and kindergarten teachers in this area (BLS, 2013). More than 4,000 middle school teachers and 4,400 high school teachers call Memphis home (BLS, 2013).
In general, salaries for Memphis teachers are slightly higher than the national average. Kindergarten teachers claim an average income of $52,970 per year, while elementary school teachers earn an average of $52,070 annually (BLS, 2013). Those in middle school education have a median income of $48,860 per year, compared to $51,110 annually for high school teachers (BLS, 2013).
Teaching can be an enjoyable and rewarding field for those who want to know that their work is making a difference. If this describes you, get started today by contacting nearby teacher education programs and requesting more information.