Teaching Programs in South Dakota

Although the field of teaching is important all over the United States, this shows up in different ways in each state. For example, South Dakota is a state that is largely covered with rural and remote communities. In order to meet the diverse educational needs of students, school districts have joined up to pool their resources.

As a result, South Dakota now has 14 educational co-ops. These co-ops allow smaller districts to make use of other districts' resources to improve services to special needs and exceptional students.

If you want to become part of the teaching community of South Dakota and improve students' lives, keep reading to learn more about teaching programs in South Dakota.

As you evaluate the variety of teaching programs in South Dakota, you may be wondering about paying for your degree. Since teaching is considered a high demand profession in this state, you may be able to apply for a variety of loans, grants, and scholarships. South Dakota options include the Critical Teaching Needs Scholarship, which is awarded through the South Dakota Department of Education.

Choosing the right degree for your previous experience and your long-term career goals can take a bit of time. If you already have a Bachelor's degree, you may want to look into alternative certification programs or Master's degree programs. Both of these programs tend to be very competitive, so a history of strong academic performance is important. If you do not yet have an undergraduate degree, look into Bachelor's degree programs in early, elementary, secondary, or special education.

Looking through the curricula of different programs can prepare you for the challenges of an education degree. By the time you graduate, you should be ready to take your place in any classroom in your licensure level and effectively teach your students. If you plan on earning a Master's degree in education, you may accomplish these goals through courses like Comprehension and the Content Areas, Education for Justice, Designing Classroom Assessments, Introduction to Inclusive Education and Disability Studies, and Psychology of Adolescence. [site="edu" program="alternative|bachelors|doctorate|masters" type="online" show-heading="1"] [site="edu" program="alternative|bachelors|doctorate|masters" type="ground" state="SD" show-heading="1"]

When you start preparing for your career by looking into job openings, you may also want to start networking with experienced teachers and administrators. The South Dakota Education Association is one of the largest resources for South Dakota teachers, as it is connected with the National Education Association.

Job growth rates in South Dakota mirror those reported nationally. A 9% increase in jobs for elementary school teachers is expected through 2022, and a 2% boost in jobs is predicted for secondary school teachers (O*Net, 2015).

  • Elementary School Teachers in South Dakota: $39,530 per year (BLS, 2015)
  • Secondary School Teachers in South Dakota: $40,150 per year (BLS, 2015)
  • Post-Secondary Teachers in South Dakota: Salary information unavailable

Teacher Training Programs in South Dakota

  • South Dakota State University: Aspiring educators can explore many different South Dakota State degrees. Some of the most popular South Dakota State programs include early childhood education, secondary teacher education, agricultural education, and educational administration.
  • Grand Canyon University Online: Grand Canyon University degrees cover education at every grade level and subject area. If you want to attend Grand Canyon University Online as an undergraduate student, you may specialize in fields like secondary education, physical education, or special education. Graduate students choose from topics like reading education and educational administration.
  • University of South Dakota: This school awards over $172,000 in scholarships each year to teaching students. Education students may become licensed in kinesiology, curriculum and instruction, or school counseling.