Teaching Programs in South Carolina

One of the most important goals of society as a whole is to improve access to education. Making sure that children get high-quality education from extensively trained professionals improves the workforce of South Carolina, encourages children to become contributing members of society, and strengthens the national economy as a whole.

In order to meet these goals, education in South Carolina is changing. New policies in the state focus on an appropriate curriculum for students, differentiated instruction, and personalized education.

Find out what you can do as a teacher and contact teaching programs in South Carolina from those listed below.

Choosing the right teaching school is one of the best things you can do for your future career. Getting connected with instructors who understand your professional goals, have experience in the field of education, and are passionate about strengthening this field can make you the best teacher you can be. Regardless of whether you want to earn a teaching certificate, Bachelor's degree, or Master's degree in Education, the school you choose is extremely important.

The courses and classrooms in which you spend your time are decided by which type of degree you decide to earn. For example, consider an elementary education degree. In this type of degree, you may take a diverse range of courses like Educational Psychology, Classroom Reading Instruction, Education for Exceptional Individuals, Beginning Classroom Management, and Foundational Studies in Teaching. These courses also include a handful of classroom experiences, in which you develop your teaching persona and learn how to apply your knowledge to the classroom.

Since the need for teachers is so significant in South Carolina, there are several financial aid opportunities for aspiring teachers. Through the South Carolina Student Loan Program, teachers can apply for loan forgiveness if they serve South Carolina's schools for a set amount of time.

Featured Online Programs:

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Your education is not the only way you prepare for your education career. It is also important to join professional groups like the South Carolina Education Association, which is a major resource for teachers at all levels.

In general, you may enjoy a strong job outlook in South Carolina. The demand for elementary school teachers is expected to increase 15% by 2022 (O*Net, 2015). For secondary school teachers, a growth rate of 8% is expected (O*Net, 2015).

We have created a full list of SC education degree options below to save you time while you search for schools. Take some time to contact the South Carolina schools that offer education degrees from those listed below to learn more about your options for becoming a teacher.

  • Elementary School Teachers in South Carolina: $48,380 per year (BLS, 2015)
  • Secondary School Teachers in South Carolina: $50,960 per year(BLS, 2015)
  • Post-Secondary Teachers in South Carolina: $52,420 per year (BLS, 2015)

Teacher Training Programs in South Carolina

  • Grand Canyon University Online: As you explore Grand Canyon University Online programs, you may find that there are dozens of fields of study across Bachelor's and Master's teaching programs. Students at Grand Canyon University Online may major in physical education, secondary education, English as a second language, and special education.
  • Clemson University: This private university is known for its teacher education programs. Clemson University online degree programs cover a wide range of topics, including early childhood education, STEM, and educational assessment. Other Clemson University online degrees include athletic leadership and teaching & learning.
  • University of South Carolina: Those aiming to become licensed teachers may start at University of South Carolina. Undergraduate degrees offered at USC include early education, educational research, and educational technology.