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Teaching Degrees in Kansas City

There is a general consensus that holds education as one of the cornerstones of society in the United States. To that end, teachers are entrusted with the duty of helping students receive the quality education that they need while being informed about newer developments in the field. If this intrigues you, you may want to consider teaching jobs in Kansas City, Missouri as a career.

The main governing body when it comes to education in Kansas City is the Kansas City Board of Education. This organization to date has over 2,000 employees and serves close to 16,000 students on all levels. There are a few options available if you plan to study towards gaining eligibility for teaching jobs in KCMO. These institutions include Rockhurst University and the University of Missouri Kansas City School Of Education. Take a further look at what’s needed to go about getting teaching jobs in KCMO today.

How To Become A Teacher in Kansas City, Missouri

It stands to reason that any occupational field that you might choose to enter will require you to pay close attention to the latest trends that can shape the direction within the entire industry. This is also true when it comes to education. Being able to remain an active member of the teaching community means that you might need to obtain membership in associations dedicated to education. Groups like the KCMO Federation of Teachers and the Kansas City Music Teachers Association can provide you with networking opportunities. They can give guidance towards getting yourself positioned to apply for any of the various teaching jobs in Kansas City, Missouri.

Depending on your most current level of education, there are a number of ways to attain teaching certification in Kansas City. The most customary route is to obtain a four-year degree with a focus on an educational specialty, such as one from the aforementioned University of Missouri Kansas City School of Education. There are also some alternative methods available to get teaching certification.

In addition, you might consider working towards a Master’s degree in the educational specialty of your choice. The Kansas City area does boast some programs, such as the University of Missouri-Kansas City Masters of Education program that may be of interest. Having a Master’s degree such as that from the University of Missouri-Kansas City Masters of Education school could help you as a teaching professional who might want to get more involved on the administrative side of things within the school system.

Teaching Outlook In Kansas City, Missouri

As Kansas City works on implementing changes to their educational standards to meet the challenges of the times, the need for teachers who are well-equipped to impart wisdom in line with these changes has grown. Missouri has shown a bit of growth throughout their school system, with 160, 540 employed as teachers (BLS, 2017).

The annual mean wage for the field checks in at $50,230. (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2017). When it comes to Kansas City, the numbers bear out in a similar fashion representing the growth with over 55,000 in the area being employed in the educational system. A further breakdown of KC teaching salaries shows these numbers with regards to educational specialty:

  • Kindergarten teachers: $58,300 (BLS, 2017)
  • Elementary school teachers: $54,190 (BLS, 2017)
  • Secondary school teachers: $49,490 (BLS, 2017)

The journey to becoming a teacher is a thorough process that at the end, can help transform not only your life, but the lives of all of those that you will help through your efforts. The best guarantee that you will succeed in those efforts comes mainly with getting a good education from the beginning. Take a closer look at the directory of schools to get started!