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Minneapolis, one-half of the legendary Twin Cities in Minnesota, may be a promising city for aspiring teachers and educators. In particular, the city is home to Minneapolis Public Schools, a large school district that serves the entire city. Educators may be needed at the district’s 45 elementary schools, seven middle schools, seven high schools, and dozens of specialty schools. In addition to the school choices available in nearby St. Paul, Minneapolis students may be able to attend University of Minnesota, Augsburg College, and University of St. Thomas.
It’s clear that education is a priority in Minneapolis, as there are nearly 35,000 students served by this district. Whether you want to teach in a special academic area, teach a specific grade area, or just learn about which options are available to you, you can learn more here about the Minneapolis teacher education programs available to you.

Degree Requirements for Teaching in Minneapolis

Choosing the right teacher education program is a major part of working toward teacher certification. If you have an Associate’s degree or no prior college experience, you may be interested in a Bachelor’s program in education. Alternative certification programs are a popular choice for people who have a Bachelor’s degree in a non-teaching field. There are also certification programs for working teachers who want to expand their teaching certification. If you already have a Bachelor’s degree, you may wish to consider a Master’s or doctoral program in Minneapolis.
One of the benefits of studying in a large city in Minneapolis is the variety of organizations and associations that exist for teaching professionals. The Minneapolis Federation of Teachers and ESPs is one of the largest groups in the city. Education Minnesota is more focused on teachers’ goals, like smaller class sizes, fair benefits, and technology in classrooms. Minneapolis is also home to associations that support teachers in certain subjects or grade levels, like the Minneapolis Music Teachers Forum. The Minnesota Middle School Association supports teachers working in grades six through eight.

Teaching Jobs in Minneapolis

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that there are over 1,700 kindergarten teachers in Minneapolis and close to 16,000 elementary school teachers. Between middle school and high school, there are over 15,000 teachers currently employed in Minneapolis (BLS, 2013).

While working in Minneapolis, you may be able to earn a fairly competitive salary in the education field. Kindergarten teachers report an average salary of $60,630 per year, while elementary school teachers claim an average income of $66,280 per year (BLS, 2013). At the middle school level, teachers earn a median income of $65,830 per year (BLS,2013). Each year, high school teachers bring in an average salary of $64,880 per year (BLS, 2013).

Are you ready to start moving toward a fulfilling career in education? Explore the teaching programs in Minneapolis on this page and contact any you may be interested in attending. You could start your education as early as next semester!