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The American society would not be as robust and productive as it is today without education being one of its integral building blocks. As such, it is imperative that the educational system continues to improve in line with the newer innovations that affect both students and those teaching them. Through education, we can take steps to ensure that the system and the nation proceeds to flourish.

If teaching is a career that appeals to you, you may want to look into how to become a teacher in Baltimore. The area is home to the Baltimore County Public Schools board which is the major governing body for education serving over 112,000 students. It also employs 18,572 professionals with half of those being teachers. If you are looking to pursue studies in the area, you will find a wide selection of schools including Towson University and the University of Maryland-Baltimore County. Take a closer look at the process on how to become a teacher in Baltimore. Use the full directory of teaching programs in Baltimore listed below to get underway.

How To Become A Teacher In Baltimore

One major factor that you have to take into account in any profession is the value of obtaining a membership in the groups aligned within the field. Doing so puts you in close proximity with peers and mentors who can give you guidance when it comes to the standards and newer developments in your profession. This also holds true when it comes to the educational system. Being a part of the active teaching community in Baltimore may mean that you’ll want to attain membership in groups like the Teachers Association of Baltimore County and the Baltimore Teachers Union.

You may also want to consider working towards certification for education jobs in Baltimore depending on your own education status. The more customary route involves a Bachelor’s degree in Education. There are also alternative pathways to getting the certification needed to be eligible for teaching jobs in Baltimore.

You might also want to look into Masters level programs at the different schools in the area which can embolden your standing with regards to the more administrative positions within the available education jobs in Baltimore today.

Teaching Jobs In Baltimore

The Baltimore County area has kept an eye on the rapidly changing environment when it comes to education on both the local and national front. This has stoked the demand for more dedicated and passionate teaching professionals in the area.

When placed in comparison to the national averages, the state of Maryland does stand among those who have shown some significant increases when it comes to the teaching profession, with over 169,000 employed in that field (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2017). Baltimore County and neighboring districts show that 82,360 individuals are currently in teaching jobs in Baltimore, earning a mean annual wage of $65,770 (BLS, 2017).

Upon further examination when it comes to educational specialties, Baltimore teaching salaries break down as follows:

  • Kindergarten teachers: $57,790 (BLS, 2017)
  • Elementary school teachers: $63,210 (BLS, 2017)
  • Secondary school teachers: $64,260 (BLS, 2017)

Becoming a teacher is one of the most rewarding career choices that you can make if your aim in life is to be of service to others. The wisdom that you can impart to students may prepare them to be vital contributors to the future growth of the nation. Being in a position to do so successfully begins with being able to obtain the right education. Take a further look at our list of Baltimore teaching colleges to get more pertinent information to get you started on that journey today.