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Teaching in Indianapolis

In the large city of Indianapolis education is a main priority. As the city’s population grows and shifts, it’s important for children to get a high-quality education if they are to be the future of Indianapolis. As an aspiring teacher, you can play a major role in the shaping of children’s minds! Use our directory of education program listings to get started.

Indianapolis Public Schools is the main school district in this area, serving well over 33,000 students and employing several thousand teachers. There are efforts underway to strengthen and revitalize this school district, which currently has a graduation rate hovering just under 50%. The Indy Channel notes that recent budget increases in Indianapolis schools have been approved in an attempt to give students a chance at an excellent education.

Teaching may be the field for you if you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and dig into the issues faced by educators today. Keep reading to learn more about teacher education programs in Indianapolis!

Choosing the Right Indianapolis Education Program

Selecting a great teacher education program is possibly one of the most important steps on your journey to becoming a teacher. Are you looking to use your current Bachelor’s degree in a teaching career? If so, consider an alternative certification program, which allows you to quickly add teacher certification to your degree. Otherwise, a Bachelor’s degree in education may be a good choice for you. Already-licensed teachers may expand their career through a Master’s degree or an additional certification program.
It’s not all about the program you choose; you also need to reach out to other teachers to become part of the local education community! Luckily, Indianapolis is home to many teaching organizations and associations. The Indiana State Teachers Association is one of the largest in the state. There are also many associations that specifically serve teachers in different subjects. The Hoosier Association of Science Teachers unites science teachers in different specialties, and the Indiana Foreign Language Teachers Association is a popular resource for foreign language teachers. Music teachers may find the resources they need via the Indiana Music Teachers Association.

Career Outlook and Salary Information for Indianapolis Teachers

You may find that Indianapolis has a fairly positive job outlook for teachers. This area is growing, as is much of the Midwest. As more families move into this area and settle, the need for teachers may increase accordingly. Per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are over 7,500 elementary school and kindergarten teachers in this area. Middle school and high school teachers make up over 7,000 employed professionals in Indianapolis (BLS, 2013).
Indianapolis teaching professionals earn a wide range of salaries, depending on which grade level they teach and how much seniority they have. Kindergarten teachers claim a median salary of $53,280 per year, while elementary school teachers earn an average of $52,880 annually (BLS, 2013). At the middle school level, teaching professionals bring in an average salary of $52,880 per year (BLS, 2013). Those in high school education earn an average of $54,430 annually (BLS, 2013).

The growing field of education may have space for you if you’re ready to dedicate yourself and your career to the students of Indianapolis. Your education in this area is extremely important. You can get started today by using our directory of education programs!