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Teaching Degrees in Tampa

Education is a significant and integral element in what constitutes a thriving American society. And that means that those charged with maintaining and imparting education need to be fully invested in the system and its changes over time. If that appeals to you, you may want to consider becoming a teacher
in Tampa. The main body that oversees schools in the area is the Hillsborough County Public Schools board which is the eighth largest in the nation and has over 26,000 people employed in its ranks. If you wish to study in Tampa towards applying for any of the education jobs in Tampa, there are some schools of note such as the University of South Florida and the University of Tampa. Take a closer look at the list of teaching colleges in Tampa to begin your journey towards being eligible for teaching jobs in Tampa.

How To Become A Teacher In Tampa

To advance in any industry, you will find that it is most beneficial to become involved with associations that have established professionals in that field. They will become a boon to you when it comes to networking opportunities and guidance with regards to newer developments. This is abundantly true when it comes to education jobs in Tampa.

There are a few teaching groups in the Tampa area that you can obtain membership in, such as the Florida Education Association and the Hillsborough Classroom Teachers Association. You can obtain teacher certification in multiple ways in Tampa depending on your current level of education. The more traditional pathway involves a four-year program resulting in a Bachelor’s degree such as on of the University of Tampa’s education programs. If you wish to be in line for more advanced teaching jobs in Tampa, you might consider entering into a Master’s degree program to further bolster your skill set for the classroom. Depending on your schedule, you may find a few schools that will allow you to work towards your Master’s in Education online, such as the University of Tampa’s education program.

Teaching Jobs In Tampa

The Tampa area is dealing with different developments that pose challenges with regards to the educational system there, but also holds promise for the teachers and students. On a national level, the teaching field is expected to see a sharp increase over the next seven years to meet the average level of growth for other industries at 8 percent (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2017).

When it comes to the state of Florida, the prospects are also bright being that it ranks among the top states in terms of employment with 417,640 teachers in the state (BLS, 2017). A closer look at teaching in the Tampa-St.Petersburg-Clearwater area shows that there are over 62,000 employed in the profession and an annual mean wage of $47,510 is noted (BLS, 2017).

When it comes to educational specialties, the teaching salaries in Tampa are as follows:
  • Kindergarten teachers: $45,830 (BLS, 2017)
  • Elementary school teachers: $45,460 (BLS, 2017)
  • Secondary school teachers: $49,960 (BLS, 2017)

Making the choice to be a teacher means that you are making a commitment to being someone who will have a tremendous impact on students and their communities on a whole. Being able to do so successfully is all dependent on having a good education. Check out the directory of schools listed to get more information on how to do so today.