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Teaching Programs in District of Columbia

As the home of the federal government, Washington DC is under a lot of pressure when it comes to school performance. Schools must meet strict federal standards and regional standards. However, one benefit of working in Washington DC is that teachers have plenty of access to programs that can make them more successful in the classroom.

In response to dropping ratings at nearby schools, legislators suggested turning struggling schools into charter schools. This would still allow students to stay in their schools and give each school time to improve.

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If you really want to make a difference in the education industry of the United States, Washington DC is likely the right place for you to be. Federal education initiatives are often first tested in this area, which means that teachers in these schools must be creative and flexible. The first step is choosing a degree program that fits into your goals. Popular options include elementary education, secondary education, and special education. If you already have an undergraduate degree, you may be able to go right into a Master’s degree program.

Earning Your Teaching Degree in DC

While earning your teaching degree, you should work your way through a carefully designed curriculum that builds your core teaching skills and expands on them and subsequent semesters. To become a well-rounded educator, you may take classes like Environmental Education in K-12 Schools, Cultural Images in Materials for Children, Foundations of Elementary Mathematics, Core Arts Pedagogy, and Supporting Learning & Behavior in the Classroom. The information you get in these courses is put to the test during your semester of student teaching.

As a Washington DC resident, you can explore local and federal scholarship options. As is the case in many states, the T.E.A.C.H. program is an active source of funding for teaching students.

As a region, Washington DC is fairly representative of education job growth in the country. Between 2012 and 2022, the need for elementary school teachers may swell by 14% (O*Net, 2015). Job growth for secondary school teachers is expected to jump 6% during this time (O*Net, 2015).

Since many large teaching associations are based in Washington DC, you may have plenty of training and networking resources near you. One of the largest education associations in the country, the American Federation of Teachers, is based in Washington DC.

Teaching Salaries in D.C.

  • Elementary: $73,420 per year
  • Secondary: $63,070 per year
  • Post-Secondary: $70,100 per year

Statistics from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2016

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