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Teaching Degrees in San Jose

Education is an important thread in the fabric of American life. As such, it is vital that the current and future generations get the best education possible so that they can take the knowledge they’ve gained and move forward in society in a positive and productive manner.

If you’re interested in helping these students achieve their goals, you may want to consider becoming a teacher in San Jose.

A good place for you to start on your path to earning an education degree and entering into a San Jose state teaching credential program is to consult with the California Teachers Association. The main body of educational professionals that will help you to know the guidelines of gaining San Jose state teaching credentials is the San Jose Teachers Association. The San Jose Unified School District serves over 30,000 students in 41 schools in the area. The San Jose area is home to a number of renowned universities as well.

How To Become A Teacher in San Jose

Any profession that you choose to undertake will involve a consistent level of engagement with established individuals in that field. When it comes to education, this is even more necessary due to the various innovations and other developments that take place.

In order for you to be on pace with these developments, you may find it best to pursue and attain a Bachelor’s degree in an educational field if you do not have one to begin with. Doing so will put you on the path to then gain San Jose state teaching credentials. Another route that you may consider if you
have a four-year degree is to further bolster your skills by working towards a Master’s degree. Another path you might want to look into if you already have a degree is to enter into alternative certification courses that will help you when it comes time to enroll into a San Jose state teaching credential program. Finally, if you wish to help students get a better understanding of English if its not their first language, you might look at programs for TESOL certification in San Jose. Whichever path you choose, these are proven ways to put yourself in a better position to obtain any of the available teaching jobs in San Jose.

The Teaching Outlook in San Jose

The city of San Jose has taken determined steps with regards to education over the past few years, mainly in response to recent challenges involving newer students that represent the diverse population in the region. These students have spurred educational professionals to broaden their skill set, including seeking out and gaining TESOL certification in San Jose to meet the demand concerning ESL in San Jose.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the state of California employs over 7,000 educators who teach English as of May 2016. With regards to salaries, California ranks as the top earning state when it comes to yearly salary.

An additional look when it comes to teaching jobs in San Jose shows an average salary rate of $66,470 (BLS, 2017). A further breakdown looking at teaching positions dealing with ESL in San Jose shows a sharp increase in annual salary, with $91, 390 being the rate as of last May (BLS, 2017).

Teaching salaries in San Jose, according to specific fields, are as follows:
  • Kindergarten teachers: $62,570 (BLS, 2017)
  • Elementary teachers: $74,410 (BLS, 2017)
  • Secondary school teachers: $79,600 (BLS, 2017)

Being a teacher is a highly rewarding thing to do on a career-oriented and a personal basis. And ensuring that it will be rewarding begins with the right choices with regards to your education. Check out the listing of schools below to get off on the right track to this goal!