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Start Teaching in San Francisco

The institution of public education is an important one in the United States. As an aspiring teacher, you may have the ability to help children learn, give them hope for the future, and influence their views of the world. San Francisco, a booming city with over 881,000 people, could be an excellent place to start your career. The San Francisco Unified School District is a huge educational employer in this city, serving over 56,000 students across more than 160 schools at different levels. The district is the top-ranking school district in California, and several of its high schools have been commended by Newsweek for their curricula.

Getting into a teacher education program in San Francisco is the first step to becoming a working teacher. You can use our San Francisco teacher education program listings below to find a school that fits your current educational level and long-term career goals.

Degree Requirements for Teaching in San Francisco

There are many options for teacher education and certification in San Francisco. If you’re coming to education with a Bachelor’s degree in another field, you may be interested in alternative certification programs. A Bachelor’s degree in education is a popular choice for Associate’s degree graduates or first-time students. Consider a Master’s degree or PhD in education if you already have a Bachelor’s degree in education. In San Francisco, there are also certification programs for working teachers that want to be able to work in different subjects or grade levels.

When you start your career in a large city like San Francisco, you can typically look forward to many career resources and professional organizations to help you further your career. United Educators of San Francisco is a huge professional organization that negotiates for teachers’ benefits and uses member leaders to make decisions. There are also quite a few organizations for teachers in specific subjects. The San Francisco Branch of MTAC is part of the Music Teachers’ Association of California. The Latin American Teachers Association of San Diego promotes bilingualism in San Francisco schools and helps teachers encourage equality in their classrooms.

Outlook on Teacher Salary in San Francisco

As education becomes an even bigger priority in California, you may see that the job outlook for trained, skilled teachers continues to improve. It’s obvious that education is important in San Francisco; the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that there are over 750 kindergarten teachers and close to 7,000 elementary school teachers in this metropolitan area. This is in addition to 2,100 middle school teachers and 4,300 high school teachers (BLS, 2013).

Perhaps due to the slightly elevated cost of living in California, teaching salaries in San Francisco tend to be higher than average. Per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, kindergarten teachers earn an average salary of $60,840 per year. Those who teach at the elementary school level earn a median income of $66,780 each year (BLS, 2013). Salaries are slightly higher at higher grade levels. The average salary for a middle school teacher is $69,000 annually and the median salary for a high school teacher is $69,910 per year (BLS, 2013). The more education and certifications you have, the greater career choice you may have and the higher your income potential may be.

The field of education isn’t going anywhere. If you are enthusiastic and dedicated to shaping the next generation of learners, take the first step by contacting teacher education programs in San Francisco! Our comprehensive school listings can help you find the right program for you.