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Los Angeles Teacher Education Programs

If you are looking to teach in a city where you can make a difference, Los Angeles is a great place to start. The Los Angeles Unified School District is the second largest in the U.S., serving more than 640,000 students in more than 900 schools—yet its graduation rate is just 66 percent. As a major metro, L.A. is also home to many colleges, including the University of California Los Angeles, California State University, the University of Southern California, and many more.

With more than 1 million students total across all levels of education, Los Angeles offers plenty of opportunities for those pursuing a career in education. If you’re looking for the right bachelor’s, master’s or other type of education program, we can help you connect with the various Los Angeles colleges offering them. Read on to learn more about teaching in L.A., or start exploring the various programs featured on this page.

Teacher Education in Los Angeles

The first step in finding the right education program for your needs is identifying what type of program you need. If you have never taught before, you will need a bachelor’s or alternative certification program. If you are an experienced teacher looking to advance your career, a master’s program is what you need—unless you already have a master’s, then you can consider doctorate programs. We also offer listings of certificate programs for those simply looking to add a specialty onto their current teaching license.

As a teacher, it’s important to network with other education professionals to build a support system and stay current on education trends. Los Angeles offers many different unions and organizations that you may want to join—some even offer special member benefits. Los Angeles-based teaching groups include United Teachers Los Angeles, the main union that represents Los Angeles teachers; the California Teachers Association; and the Los Angeles Secondary Music Teacher’s Association.

Career Outlook and Average Salary for Teachers in Los Angeles

Among all the levels of education, Los Angeles has some of the highest employment rates in the country. The Bureau of Labor Statistics notes that Los Angeles has the fourth-highest employment level for elementary school teachers, the sixth-highest employment level for middle school teachers, and the third-highest employment level for education administrators. In general, Los Angeles teachers earn competitive salaries. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports these average salaries for teachers of different specialties:

  • $72,230 for elementary school teachers in Los Angeles
  • $67,460 for middle school teachers in Los Angeles
  • $67,810 for secondary school teachers in Los Angeles
  • $98,680 for postsecondary education administrators in Los Angeles

Take the next step in your education by exploring the Los Angeles teacher education programs on this page. Reach out to several for more information, and remember—the more information you gather, the more informed your decision will be!