Teaching Programs in Arkansas

Education is perhaps one of the most quickly changing fields of study in the United States. Every year, a growing body of research delves into how students learn, what they need to learn successfully, and what children need to turn into happy and well-adjusted adults. That's why the education field of Arkansas relies so much on dedicated teachers who use evidence-based teaching styles. With the exception of their parents, there is no one with whom children spend a greater amount of time than their teachers.

Flexible and passionate teachers are the backbone of the education industry. The Arkansas Board of Education now evaluates its teaching "framework" every six years to ensure improved learning experiences for students. Find out how you can reach your career goals with a teaching degree by contacting teaching programs in Arkansas.

How Can I Get a Teaching Degree in Arkansas?

The route you used to get a teaching degree and teaching license depends on how much education you currently have. If you have a Bachelor's degree in a non-education field, you may be able to earn your certification through an accelerated certification program. You may also seek out Master's degree programs. If you do not yet have a Bachelor's degree, you can look into Bachelor's degree programs that focus on teaching at different levels and age groups.

Since the field of education covers so many different ages and varying needs, the courses you take are largely determined by the type of degree you choose. For example, at the graduate school level, your coursework may include in-depth coursework that explores advanced theory. Courses that may be included in a secondary education graduate degree program include Social & Cultural Approaches to Educational Policy, Learning Theory and Epistemology, Advanced Teaching Methods in Subject Areas, and Legal Rights & Responsibilities for Teachers.

There are a variety of financial aid opportunities available for aspiring teachers. You may need to wait until you have been accepted to a teaching program to start applying for scholarships, grants, and loans. Look into programs like the State Teacher Education Program, which offers scholarships of up to $4000 per year.

Outlook for Educators in Arkansas

As educational standards and requirements change to reflect new research, you can expect Arkansas schools to look to teaching professionals who have been educated in the most up-to-date and efficient teaching styles and methods. Becoming involved in your local education community can go a long way in helping you prepare for your career. The Arkansas State Teachers Association provides professional support and resources to teachers at all different levels.

The job outlook that awaits you when you graduate is dependent on which grade levels you are licensed to teach and how flexible you are about location. Overall, however, the outlook in Arkansas is positive. Between now and 2026, CareerOneStop anticipates a:

  • 9 percent increase in elementary school teaching jobs, and 980 annual elementary job openings
  • 9 percent increase in secondary school jobs, and 780 annual secondary job openings

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2017 Annual Teaching Salaries in Arkansas

Statistics from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2016

Teacher Training Programs in Arkansas

  • Arkansas State University: Arkansas State University distance learning opportunities include certificate and Master's programs in curriculum and instruction, Master's and S programs in educational leadership, and certificate programs in special education. Students enjoy the flexibility of Arkansas State University online classes. With student and graduate resources, you can learn more about Arkansas teaching jobs.
  • Grand Canyon University Online: Those looking for online study opportunities can choose from Grand Canyon University degrees in elementary education, combined elementary and special education, elementary and ESL education, and secondary education.
  • University of Arkansas: The University of Arkansas also has online study options, with online graduate programs in lifelong learning, educational leadership, physical education, and educational technology. In-state tuition is about $8,800 per year and out-of-state tuition is approximately $23,000 per year.