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Tempe Teacher Education Programs

Teachers play one of the most valuable roles in society: educating the next generation. If you become a teacher in Tempe, you may work for the Tempe Elementary School District or the Tempe Union High School District. These schools serve almost 20,000 students in the Tempe area.

Thanks to the growing demand for teachers, Tempe has many colleges that provide teaching degrees. Some of the largest schools in the area include Arizona State University, International Baptist College, and Western International University.

Teacher Education in Tempe

Tempe teachers and education professionals rely on networking and professional associations to be successful in their careers. As a student, you can also benefit from membership in these groups. You may be able to learn more about the education field in Tempe and find student teaching sites. The Arizona Education Association is the largest teaching union in Arizona, offering legislative updates, union representation, and more. There are many other teaching groups in Tempe, including the Arizona Association of Teachers of Mathematics, the Arizona State Music Teachers Association, and the Tempe Secondary Education Association.

Career Outlook and Average Salary for Teachers in Tempe

Tempe is home to some of the largest teaching colleges and school districts in the state of Arizona, which is why there are so many teachers of different specialties and teaching levels. The Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that there are over 1,900 kindergarten teachers and more than 16,000 elementary school teachers in the Phoenix-Mesa area, which includes Tempe. This area also has over 6,700 middle school teachers and close to 10,000 high school teachers. While salaries vary widely based on experience and seniority, these are the average salaries for various teaching levels:

  • $43,590 for elementary school teachers
  • $44,290 for middle school teachers
  • $43,990 for high school teachers

The entire state of Arizona, including the Tempe area, is currently going through a large teaching shortage. Go Teach reports that Arizona has over a dozen teaching shortage areas, including the following:

If you’re considering becoming a teacher or furthering your teacher education in the Tempe area, use the schools below to contact and request information on their education programs. Or you can use the specialty links in the sidebar to find online schools in a particular area of study.