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There is a supremely high regard held when it comes to education in the United States. It is mainly because the importance of education in American society underpins every element of it, and adds to the value of the country especially within its future generations.

If you are considering how you can be a part of this growth, you may consider teaching in Phoenix as the best way to go about that. Phoenix currently is home to 325 public schools and over 200 private and charter schools spanning thirty districts. If you wish to pursue teaching jobs in Phoenix, you will find that there are quite a few colleges that can begin to help you achieve that goal. Take some time to look at the listing of schools to get started.

Teaching Degrees in Phoenix

Setting out on the path to begin teaching in Phoenix can only begin once you enter a degree program. As mentioned before, the Phoenix area is home to a number of universities that have well-established programs such as Arizona State University, and the University of Phoenix’s education degree program.

If you have already obtained a degree, you might seek to expand upon the breadth of knowledge associated with it by entering a program such as the University of Phoenix Masters in education to have an advanced degree that can put you in position for some of the best teaching jobs in Phoenix.

You may also take into consideration that some specialized fields of education may suit you better than others. For example, you might look towards early childhood education as a specialized field of interest. Some schools have intricate departments devoted to the field, such as Phoenix College and the University of Phoenix early childhood education department.

If you’re already established as a teacher, you may consider alternative routes to attain more certification from various institutions. Some already make their programs flexible in that regard, such as the University of Phoenix’s Masters in education program. Afterwards, it’s also helpful to get in contact with groups of established teaching professionals such as the Arizona Educational Association and the Arizona Professional Educators which can aid you in networking efforts and can guide you to other resources such as grants. These grants can provide great assistance to you while you undertake your studies, and can be incorporated in many of the programs you may study like the aforementioned University of Phoenix’s early childhood education program.

Teacher Careers in Phoenix

The city of Phoenix, Arizona has undergone various efforts to make their schools more competitive with regards to what they provide for students. In that light, these newer innovations do have an impact on the duties of teachers in the area. According to the most recent statistics issued by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the national average salary for teachers clocks in at $54,520 (2017).

When it comes to the state of Arizona, that average comes in at $46,570 (BLS, 2017). With a projected growth for teachers over the next seven years at twenty percent, it’s a prime time to enter the field. A further breakdown of what teaching professionals in the Phoenix area could expect to make depending on their chosen educational specialty is as follows:

  • Kindergarten teachers: $42,920 (BLS, 2017)
  • Elementary teachers: $43,730 (BLS, 2017)
  • Secondary school teachers: $50,360 (BLS, 2017)

The teaching profession is a noble and highly beneficial one to enter for anyone who wants to be of service to their community. Getting a good education provides a firm base for that goal. You can achieve that goal by contacting schools in your area for more information.