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When it comes to education, there is an overwhelming agreement that teaching our next generations is part of ensuring the enduring legacy of the American society. To that end, the role of teachers within the educational system is one that is extremely important to the productivity of present and future students. If that sense of purpose appeals to you, you may want to consider becoming a teacher in Birmingham. The main governing body when it comes to schools in the Birmingham area is the Birmingham City Schools board. It currently serves over 25,000 students and has over 1,700 teachers in the district.

If you plan on studying towards gaining eligibility for education jobs in Birmingham, there are a few noted colleges in the area such as University of Alabama-Birmingham and Samford University. Find out more about what it takes to be a teacher in Birmingham. Use the listing of teaching schools in the area to take the first step.

How To Become A Teacher In Birmingham

One main thing that any professional should do is to keep themselves abreast of the standards in their field and all related changes. In addition, it’s also best that one should reach out to different groups in their industry to take advantage of networking opportunities. This is also important when it comes to the field of teaching jobs in Birmingham.

The more traditional route when it comes to being ready to work towards filling one of the education jobs in Birmingham is expanding your education level. If you’re not in possession of one, it’s customary to work towards obtaining a four-year degree in the educational specialty of your choice.

If you already have a Bachelor’s degree, you may look towards applying for one of the number of teaching assistant jobs in Birmingham. You also have the option of going after additional certification and licensing through alternative means for those teaching assistant jobs in Birmingham.

Another path is to work towards a Master’s degree to accrue more experience and skills related to the field of your choice. With regards to obtaining membership in professional groups representing teaching agencies in Birmingham, there are a couple that may fit your aspirations. These include the Alabama Education Association and the Alabama Conference of Educators. Other teaching agencies in Birmingham that you may want to contact are the Alabama Art Educators Association and the Alabama Science Teachers Association.

Teaching Jobs In Birmingham

The city of Birmingham has seen some firm strides with regards to the outlook of their educational system, and as a result there is now a need for more individuals to join the ranks of teachers in the district. Statewide, Alabama has seen the teaching profession make steady gains, with over 102,000 employed and an average annual mean wage of $46,490 reported (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2017). A closer look at teaching salaries in the Birmingham-Hoover area by educational specialty is below:

  • Kindergarten teachers: $47,080 (BLS, 2017)
  • Elementary school teachers: $50,720 (BLS, 2017)
  • Secondary school teachers: $50,210 (BLS, 2017)

The choice to become a teacher is one that can open up a bevy of promise and rewards not only for the students you will encounter. It all boils down to making the first proper step of getting the right education. Take a look at our list of teaching colleges in Birmingham to get more information today!