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Utah Teaching Certificate Programs

Below you’ll find a comprehensive listing of the Graduate Teaching Certificate programs available from schools in Utah. If you’re looking for initial teacher certification programs, check out either our list of Bachelors in Education Programs or Utah Alternative Certification Programs. Most of the programs down below are for people who are already teachers.

With consistently adequate or above-average scores on AP exams and state tests, Utah schools have fostered a community of academic success to which teachers with advanced certificates in gifted and talented education and technology contribute. According to the Utah State Office of Education, fourth and eighth graders achieved 2011 Nation’s Report Card scores that were consistent with or better than the national average, for the most part. The department also reported that more than half of those taking AP tests “passed” with a score of 3, 4, or 5. Licensed Utah teachers who expand their licenses by adding additional endorsements can expect expanded opportunities within school districts.

Featured Schools in Utah

Teachers with a Gifted and Talented add-on license from Southern Utah University can learn strategies to help exceptional students succeed. The 15 credit hours help educators develop new skills. At Dixie State College, teachers can earn an add-on license in English as a Second Language (ESL). According to the University of Utah, 14 percent of the state’s population does not speak English as a first language. Finally, at Regents University, an online school, students can obtain the English as a second language add-on certificates. They may also earn additional certificates in math and special education while studying from home.

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