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Nevada Teaching Certificate Programs

Below you’ll find a comprehensive listing of the Graduate Teaching Certificate programs available from schools in Nevada. If you’re looking for initial teacher certification programs, check out either our list of Bachelors in Education Programs or Nevada Alternative Certification Programs. Most of the programs down below are for people who are already teachers.

According to the U.S. Department of Education, many of Nevada’s teacher shortage areas for the 2011-2012 school year are special education positions. These include positions in general special education, as well as programs for the learning disabled, physically handicapped and blind. If you have a general special education license, an add-on certificate in a specialized area can help you fulfill a need, which may mean a larger paycheck or a smaller chance of a layoff, even if your district is restructuring. In addition, a certificate in instructional technology or a technology-related field can also help you get a teaching job in Nevada, as the state’s 2009 state improvement plan included a focus on 21st century skills.

Featured Schools in Nevada

At Nevada State College, teachers can earn a 12-credit hour technology endorsement. The certificate is designed to help teachers offer instruction to the “digital natives,” Nevada students who have grown up using technology and must know how to use it to succeed in college and the workplace. Sierra Nevada College offers a Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL) endorsement that Nevada teachers can use to satisfy the professional development component of their recertification process. The college also offers endorsements in Gifted and Talented Education that can be used for the same purpose. Finally, St. Joseph’s University offers an online special education certificate program, which helps educators attain licensure in this needed area. The program was specifically designed with working professionals in mind.