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Louisiana Teaching Certificate Programs

Below you’ll find some of our favorite graduate teaching certificate programs in Louisiana designed for licensed educators looking to add secondary endorsements.

If you’re looking for initial teacher certification programs, check out either our list of Bachelors in Education Programs or Louisiana Alternative Certification Programs.

Advance your teaching career and make a difference in Louisiana’s K-12 education system by pursuing an add-on certification in an area of interest or one that’s been identified by the U.S. Department of Education as a teacher shortage area.

Louisiana is a stark example of a state where the teacher shortage crisis is being felt – from the urban communities of Baton Rouge to the vast rural areas that dominate the state. Math, science, and special education are just some of the areas where teachers are in high demand. In many areas of Northeast Louisiana, the teacher shortage has reached a critical level, with many teachers retiring and not enough teachers in the pipeline to replace them.

As of the 2020-2021 school year, the U.S. Department of Education identified the following teacher shortage areas in Louisiana:

  • General Science: PreK-12
  • Biological Sciences: 6-12
  • Physics: 6-12
  • English as a Second Language: PreK-12
  • Chemistry: 9-12
  • Special Education: PreK-12
  • Mathematics: 6-12
  • World Languages (Spanish, Chinese, German, Latin): PreK-12

Louisiana Teacher Certification Options

You can take your teaching career in a new, exciting direction by adding secondary certification to your existing Louisiana teaching certificate, and you can do it in one of two ways:

  • Current educators in Louisiana with aspirations of earning a Master’s in Education degree can earn an add-on certificate in the process.
  • Post-bachelor’s graduate teaching certificate programs will get you that add-on certification you want without tacking on the additional time and expense of a master’s degree.

Schools in Louisiana Offering Add-On Teaching Certification Programs

Online add-on certification programs combine the academic quality and rigor of an on-campus program with the convenience and flexibility of online study. Whether they’re offered in a hybrid format or a fully online format, they’re the solution for busy working pros with exciting career plans and limited schedules.

Louisiana State University Shreveport offers a variety of add-on certification programs for current educators who want to add another endorsement to their Louisiana teaching certificate, including English as a Second Language, Reading Specialist, Special Education Mild/Moderate, and SPED Mild/Moderate Grades 6-12.

The University of New Orleans also offers a nice selection of add-on certifications, including Reading Specialist, Secondary 6-12 (English, Math, Social Studies, Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science and Physics), Academically Gifted, Mild/Moderate 1-5, and Mild/Moderate 6-12.

Northwestern State University of Louisiana offers the MEd in Special Education, which gives currently certified educators the opportunity to earn their master’s degree and an add-on certification in special education (early intervention, gifted education, mild/moderate 1-5, mild/moderate 4-8/secondary 9-12).

Southeastern Louisiana University offers an outstanding selection of add-on certifications through their MEd in Curriculum and Instruction and MEd in Special Education. For example, choose the MEd in Curriculum and Instruction and you can pursue an add-on certification in Literacy Education, Secondary Education, English as a Second Language, Elementary Education, and more. Or choose the MEd in Special Education and you can focus your program and earn another teaching certification in:

  • Early Intervention
  • Academically Gifted
  • Special Education Mild/Moderate
  • Educational Diagnostician
  • Inclusive Practices
  • Instructional and Assistive Technology