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Louisiana Teaching Certificate Programs

Below you’ll find a comprehensive listing of the Graduate Teaching Certificate programs available from schools in Louisiana. If you’re looking for initial teacher certification programs, check out either our list of Bachelors in Education Programs or Louisiana Alternative Certification Programs. Most of the programs down below are for people who are already teachers.

Recently, Louisiana has been in the education spotlight – and for all the wrong reasons. Louisiana fourth and eighth graders had some of the lowest scores in the nation on reading and math assessments, and the governor is arguing that teachers are at least in part to blame, according to the Lafourche Daily Comet. Governor Jindal argues that ineffective teachers who want to improve should get help from the state while ineffective teachers who don’t want to improve should get a pink slip. Although over 86 percent of Louisiana’s teachers are highly qualified – meaning they are certified and competent in the subjects they teach – around 25,000 teachers in the state are not high qualified. If you are not a highly qualified teacher because you are teaching a subject other than the one in which you are licensed, getting an add-on certificate can help you better manage the subject matter you are teaching.

Featured Schools in Louisiana

Louisiana State University offers certification programs for individuals wishing to teach preschool through 12th grade. Louisiana teachers who are or wish to teach another age group may want to complete this certification program. The university also offers certifications in art, French, Spanish and gifted education, among others. At Southeastern Louisiana University, teachers can earn add-on certificates in the Louisiana teacher shortage areas of Gifted/Talented Education, Special Education, English as a Second Language (ESL), School Librarian, Math, Science, and Foreign Language. Finally, The University of New Orleans also offers programs in special education that satisfy the needs of the teacher shortage. However, the University of New Orleans offers more specialized special education add-on certificates, including the Speech and Hearing certificate.