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Secondary Education Degrees in West Virginia

The field of education faces many unique challenges, particularly in states like West Virginia! West Virginia’s large rural population makes it difficult for some of the state’s children to get the education they need. By dedicating yourself to the field of secondary education, you can help adolescent students prepare for post-secondary education or careers.

West Virginia puts a lot of responsibility and freedom on its teachers, as it is one of the states that has repealed Common Core standards. This may give you more flexibility in what and how you teach.

Employers all over West Virginia are calling for secondary teachers to prepare students for the post-high school job search. In particular, manufacturing employers want to see improved technical education at the high school level.

West Virginia schools are looking for standardized testing options that work for their students. With your higher education and training, you can help find the answer to this lingering question.

Overview of Secondary Education Programs in West Virginia

To become a successful teacher, you should be ready to work in many different areas of education. Not only do you spend time teaching in front of the classroom, you must spend time assessing students through exams and assignments. You must also develop curricula and give students extra help where needed. To reach these goals and prepare for the many teaching tasks you’ll take on, you may take courses like Curriculum and Teaching Principles, History of American Education, Content Area Literacy Education, Philosophy of Education, Classroom Organization and Management, Cultural Diversity in the Classroom, and Academic Interventions.

To test your skills and prepare for your new career, you complete a comprehensive student teaching experience at the end of your education. This experience tests your ability to manage a classroom, teach in your subject area, and build connections with other teaching professionals. Plan on spending well over 40 hours per week on your student teaching tasks.

Different types of financial aid, including scholarships, grants, and loans, can make your education much more affordable. The College Foundation of West Virginia funds the Underwood-Smith Teacher Scholarship Program. The West Virginia Association of Retired School Teachers supports new teaching students with multiple scholarships every year.

Working in Secondary Education in West Virginia

The West Virginia Board of Education oversees the licensure of secondary teachers, so you should look into their standards when you get close to graduating. You must pass a standardized test in your area of study and the PRAXIS-II.

As you gain experience in the field of teaching and get seniority in your school district, you may boost your earning potential. Overall, the average salary for West Virginia secondary teachers is $44,600 per year (O*Net, 2013). Through 2022, the demand for secondary teachers may also increase (O*Net, 2012).

Ready for an exciting and life-changing career? Take the first step now by contacting secondary education programs in West Virginia.