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Secondary Education Degrees in Vermont

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be at the head of a classroom and shape students’ lives through education? If so, a career in secondary education may be right for you. School districts all over Vermont are looking for skilled, highly-trained teachers to fill teaching positions.

As a teacher, you can affect more than just your students’ knowledge of academic subjects. Rather, you may improve their whole quality of life. The mayor of Burlington, Vermont notes that education is a very important predictor of success in children who live in poverty. By reaching students who may have difficulties in their lives, you can help them break the cycle of poverty.

Vermont schools have been following a growing trend in the United States. The Vermont State Board of Education recently voted to skip out on standardized testing scores and use other measures to evaluate schools’ performance.

Education is a major priority in Vermont. The Vermont House recently voted to increase funding to Vermont schools.

Keep reading to discover what you must learn to become a secondary teacher in Vermont.

Overview of Secondary Education Programs in Vermont

In the field of education, standards are high for incoming professionals! Regardless of whether you choose to earn a Bachelor’s degree, a Master’s degree, or a certificate, you must leave school ready to teach the students of Vermont. To reach this goal, you may take a variety of classes, including Psychological Foundations of Education, Secondary School Curriculum, Advanced Curriculum & Instruction in Secondary Schools, Educating Exceptional Learners, Theory & Practice in Content Literacy, and Linguistic Theory in Written Expression. You may complete several practical learning experiences throughout the course of your degree, ending with a semester of student teaching. This is a full-time commitment, as you must work the hours of a typical classroom teacher.

After you have been accepted to a teaching program in Vermont, you may want to look into the various types of financial aid available in this state. The Robert Noyce Scholarship Program is one of many that provides funding to students who plan on teaching in a STEM subject.

The Vermont National Educators Association awards a variety of scholarships each year to student members.

Working in Secondary Education in Vermont

The next step in your new career is getting your teaching license. This requires you to take the PRAXIS-II and apply for your teaching license through the Vermont Agency of Education. They administer your license after you provide proof of passing test scores and a copy of your transcript.

Each year, secondary school teachers in Vermont may see an increase in job openings (O*Net, 2012). In general, the need for science and mathematics teachers is greater than the need for teachers in other subjects.

You may enjoy a great earning potential as a secondary teacher in Vermont. The average salary for a secondary teacher in this state is $53,800 per year (O*Net, 2013).

Get started in the field of education today by contacting secondary education programs in Vermont!

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