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Secondary Education Degrees in South Dakota

Secondary Education Degrees in South Dakota

South Dakota is a state where education reform and skilled teachers are in high demand. Though South Dakota isn’t a huge state, the quality and standards of schools vary greatly between districts. By becoming a secondary teacher, you can help influence high education standards for students all across the state.

South Dakota lawmakers are invested in the success of teaching professionals. Their most recent budget increased the amount of money allotted to education and the amount of money for state employee salaries. This may help you use your teaching budget to do more for your students.

If you’re willing to stay in South Dakota after completing your teaching degree, your skills could in high demand! A recent report showed that one-third of teaching graduates leave South Dakota after graduation. The students of South Dakota need your teaching knowledge and enthusiasm!

As the state tries to strengthen its education system, it is allotting more freedom to individual school districts. This may permit you to teach in more creative ways that suit the students in your areas.

Overview of Secondary Education Programs in South Dakota

Teaching is a rich and diverse field that covers many areas of study. You must be skilled in many areas of education to thrive in the teaching profession. Because of the demands of this professions, courses that may be part of your curriculum include Informational Literacy, Educational Assessment, Effective Teaching Theory, Current Issues in Education, Secondary Curriculum, Advanced Educational Psychology, and Exceptional Learners.

The courses you take give you the background knowledge and theory you need to work with students of various skill levels, backgrounds, and learning styles. You may be assessed in your student teaching semester, as this is a major test of your ability to apply your skills and effectively lead a classroom. Student teaching typically requires at least 40 hours of work per week, so you may not be allowed to take other courses or work while student teaching.

Your school decision may be influenced by the financial aid options at each school. Several associations and groups offer scholarships to teaching students across the state. The South Dakota Education Association awards the Ramia Boersma Scholarship, which is worth $750. Through the South Dakota Department of Education, you can apply for a wide range of teaching scholarships, including the Build Dakota Scholarship, the Critical Needs Teaching Scholarship, and the Hagen-Harvey Scholarship.

Working in Secondary Education in South Dakota

As you prepare to graduate with a teaching degree, you should begin looking into teaching licensure. The South Dakota Department of Education oversees licensure of elementary and secondary school teachers. Once you’ve passed their required tests and completed your background check, you can get your teaching license and start working.

Job openings in South Dakota are expected to continue increasing through 2022. By the end of 2022, O*Net predicts a 2% increase in secondary education jobs.

Your salary potential may increase as you gain experience and seniority in your school district. Per O*Net, the average salary for a South Dakota teacher is $39,200 per year (2014).

Find out what it takes to become a teacher in this state by contacting secondary education programs in South Dakota!