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Secondary Education Degrees in Pennsylvania

When you look back on your life, you want to know that you made a difference and did all you could to improve the lives of those around you. Becoming a secondary teacher may give you the chance to start a career you enjoy and improve education standards all over Pennsylvania!

As a Pennsylvania teacher, you may be able to contribute to efforts to increase the state’s graduation rates. WITF notes that graduation rates are lower than average for minority males in Pennsylvania, so there’s an opportunity for you to reach out to students and help them reach their goals.

Education professionals note that there’s plenty of room for growth in Pennsylvania schools, which means more than just accepting students.Rather, as a teacher, you must be willing to tailor your curricula and instruction techniques to your students’ needs.

As you begin your career, you may find that you benefit from the support of local legislators, who recently elected to boost education spending in this state.

Overview of Secondary Education Programs in Pennsylvania

To become a licensed secondary teacher in Pennsylvania, you have to meet a strict set of educational standards. Some of the courses you may take in your curriculum include Introduction to Secondary Education, Standards-Based Education in Secondary Education, Assessment and Behavior Interventions, Teaching in a Multicultural Society, Instructional Strategies in Secondary Education, and Technology Integration in Secondary Education.

There are three main licensure routes you may be interested in as you explore your options: Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree, and alternative certification. A Bachelor’s degree program is designed for students who have not completed an undergraduate degree, while Master’s and alternative certification programs are for students who already have Bachelor’s degrees.

Regardless of the licensure route you decide to follow, you must get plenty of classroom experience. This includes at least one semester of full-time student teaching and one other classroom experience course.

Teaching scholarships are available through a variety of sources, so start your financial aid search early. TEACH Grants are awarded by the federal government. Through the PASSHE Foundation, you may apply for the Robert Noyce Scholarship and other grants.

Working in Secondary Education in Pennsylvania

When you start your career as a secondary teacher in Pennsylvania, you must have your teaching license from the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

They ensure that your education is in line with Pennsylvania teaching standards, verify your completion of an approved teaching program, and check your PRAXIS-II scores.
Salaries in Pennsylvania tend to be slightly higher than the national average, which may bode well for your career! The average salary for a middle or high school teacher in Pennsylvania is $59,200 per year (O*Net, 2013).

Pennsylvania may add a considerable amount of jobs in years to come. Each year through 2022, O*Net anticipates over 1,300 new teaching jobs.

Take the next step to a rewarding teaching career now by contacting secondary education programs in Pennsylvania!

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