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Secondary Education Degrees in Oklahoma

Education is a huge measure of success in the Midwest, so this is the field to get into if you’re ready to have a huge effect on the future of Oklahoma. Get started today by learning more about secondary education programs in Oklahoma.

Teaching research is always finding new conclusions about the best ways to teach students at different levels. By learning about this research, you can help propel Oklahoma’s education system into the future. The Oklahoma Education Board recently approved the creation of new educational standards.

When you start your career in Oklahoma, you can look forward to having the support of thousands of Oklahomans. As state legislators worked toward a balanced budget, thousands of education supporters showed up to fight for more education funding.

One of the biggest measures of success in secondary education is the graduation rate in any given area. The Daily Advocate reports that graduation rates have been increasing throughout the country, a trend that has continued in Oklahoma.

Overview of Secondary Education Programs in Oklahoma

You have several important decisions to make as an aspiring secondary teacher in Oklahoma. First, you have to decide which licensure path is right for you. Many students opt for a traditional Bachelor’s degree program, which allows you to complete your undergraduate education while earning a teaching license. Other options include Master’s degree programs and alternative certification programs. The other choice you have to make is which subject you want to teach. At the undergraduate level, you take courses in this area of study. Options include English, foreign languages, natural sciences, mathematics, and art.

You may successfully complete a variety of courses while on your journey to becoming a teacher. Courses that may be part of your curriculum include Intermediate School Teaching Techniques, Introduction to Exceptionalities, Measurement and Evaluation, Assessment in the Classroom, Educational Psychology, and Adolescent Psychology.

You should plan on working very hard in an education program, particularly in your semester of student teaching. This semester allows you to start making a name for yourself as a teacher and developing relationships with teaching professionals.

Look into scholarship opportunities every semester, as opportunities change from year to year. A popular option in Oklahoma is the Future Teachers Scholarship Program. Each school may have its own financial aid program for aspiring teachers.

Working in Secondary Education in Oklahoma

Teaching is a field that values experience and seniority, so you may see your income potential increase as you become established in this industry. Per O*Net, the average salary for an Oklahoma teachers is $43,100 per year.

Job openings are on the rise in Oklahoma education. O*Net expects to see a 5% increase by 2022, which works out to almost 400 new jobs per year in this timeframe.

Of course, you must get your teaching license before you can start your career as a secondary teacher. This involves taking the PRAXIS-II, demonstrating your skills in your subject area, and applying for your license through the Oklahoma State Department of Education.

Ready to make an impact on Oklahoma’s education system? It all starts with the right training, so contact secondary education programs in Oklahoma.