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Secondary Education Degrees in New York

High school students are the future of New York, and actually, the future of the entire country. Through their choices, they will affect the fields of education, health care, technology, politics, and more. They need the proper education and guidance to take on these responsibilities. If you’re ready to guide students through their adolescent years, learn more about secondary education programs in New York.

Becoming a secondary educator in this state means supporting families in addition to students. This means giving parents in-depth information on standardized testing, the best ways to support their kids, and using your communication skills to build bridges.

The education field of New York is going through several serious changes, leading many experts to believe that the state needs more experienced, trained teachers. Help your school district become more successful by working hard in the classroom every day. The success of each teacher in the classroom leads to the overall success of New York’s educational system.

If you’re starting to think that a career in education could be beneficial for you, find out what it takes to become a high school teacher in New York.

Overview of Secondary Education Programs in New York

Success in the teaching industry demands excellence in many subject areas and topics, so you’ll need to work hard to become a great teacher. A Bachelor’s degree in secondary education may give you the training you need. This degree requires 120 credits in education courses, courses in an academic area of your choosing, and general education classes. As you build on your skills, you may take classes like Principles of Teaching and Learning, Curriculum Theory and History, Critical Perspectives in Secondary Education, Curriculum and Teaching in Urban Areas, School Changes, and Classroom Management.

Field experience is a required part of Bachelor’s degree programs, Master’s degree programs, and alternative certification programs. Many schools require you to earn some field experience in your first semester, allowing you to determine whether or not a career in education is right for you. At the end of your degree, you spend one to two semesters student teaching in a middle or high school setting.

As schools try to ensure that they have enough teachers to meet their standards, many associations are increasing their scholarship offerings to attract new teachers. Teach NYC funds scholarships for graduate-level secondary education teachers, and financial aid is available through the New York City Department of Education.

Working in Secondary Education in New York

New York has extensive requirements for its education professionals. Before you can get your teaching license, you must pass a rigorous background check and prove your skills through several licensing exams. You can then obtain your teaching license through the New York State Education Department.

Job growth in New York may lead to quite a few opportunities for teaching graduates. By the year 2022, O*Net expects to see a 2% increase in teaching jobs. On average, this works out to almost 2,000 new jobs per year (O*Net, 2012).

Teachers earn a wide range of salaries in New York. As you gain experience and seniority in your chosen school district, your earning potential may increase. The average salary for a secondary teacher is $72,800 per year (O*Net, 2014).

The world of teaching has opportunities for caring, skilled individuals. Get started in this industry by contacting secondary education schools in New York.