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Secondary Education Degrees in Nevada

From the first day of kindergarten to the data they walk across the stage to get their diplomas, kids spend much of their time with their teachers. This demonstrates how important it is for kids to have access to highly trained, passionate teachers who want to see them succeed.

Dedicating yourself to the field of secondary education can pay off in many ways. Like any other state, Nevada does have some struggling schools. A new bill in the state would allow the state government to take over failing schools, which makes the role of the educator even more crucial to a school’s success.

Starting your career in Nevada may give you the chance to enjoy support from legislators. The Nevada Senate Education Committee recently visited at-risk schools, allowing them to make legislative decisions that would benefit these schools.
Your skills may be particularly important in Nevada if you are willing to teach science, technology, or mathematics. Find out more about opportunities in this state by learning what it takes to become a high school teacher.

Overview of Secondary Education Programs in Nevada

To become a secondary teacher in Nevada, you can earn a Bachelor’s degree, a Master’s degree, or pursue an alternative certification method. Keep in mind that the latter two options require you to already have a Bachelor’s degree.

As an education student, you take courses in theory, practical teaching skills, and your chosen area of academic study. Some of the courses you may take as you complete your degree include Nevada School Law, Foundations of Education, Principles of Secondary Education, Classroom Management in Secondary Education, and Ethics of the Teaching Profession. You finish your classes in your penultimate semester of school, since your final semester as a teaching student is spent student teaching.

You may get the chance to apply for a variety of scholarships as a teaching student, particularly since many parts of Nevada have a teacher shortage. The Nevada Registry offers several scholarships, including some that are specifically for secondary teaching students. The Nevada State Education Association awards scholarships to Nevada residents.

Working in Secondary Education in Nevada

After you complete your education, you must still get a teaching license before you can take on your own classroom. The Nevada State Board of Education requires you to pass the PRAXIS-II before you can get your license.

The demand for secondary teachers in Nevada is similar to the nationwide demand. Through 2022, O*Net expects to see a 5% increase in job openings. Salaries in Nevada tend to be on par with the national average. O*Net reports that the average salary for a secondary school teacher is $53,400 per year.

Teaching is truly one of the most important professional roles in society. Get started in this field by contacting secondary education programs in Nevada today.

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