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Secondary Education Degrees in Maryland

The quality of education enjoyed by students is a good predictor for the long-term success of a state and its residents. That’s why it’s so important for a state to invest in its education community by hiring great teachers. If you’re considering a career in teaching, learn more about secondary education programs in Maryland today by reaching out to the schools listed below.

This state may be one of the best places for you to explore your options and establish yourself in the education industry. Legislators make it clear that education is one of their top priorities; they recently allotted an extra $20 million to growing Maryland school districts. This type of support can make for a great work environment for teachers.

It’s obvious that secondary education is of particular importance in this state. The Baltimore Sun reports that Maryland is number one in the country in terms of Advanced Placement courses and tests taken. Teaching at an advanced level can help you contribute to this achievement.

As legislators try to find the best way to encourage student success in Maryland, your teaching career could allow you to make a significant impact in the state. Recently, the Mississippi Board of Education removed graduation requirements that included high test scores in four different subject areas.

Overview of Secondary Education Programs in Maryland

You must choose the right degree program for your current level of experience and education. We encourage you to get program details from the Maryland schools listed on our site so you can compare different aspects of schools to find the one that is right for you.

New students may opt for Bachelor’s degree programs, which are designed to be completed over the course of four years. Alternative certification programs permit you to use your current Bachelor’s degree to obtain teaching certification. Master’s degree programs are in-depth programs that deepen your understanding of teaching.

The courses you take as a teaching student depend on which subject area you study and which school you attend. However, it’s likely that your curriculum will include courses like Foundations of Secondary Education, Education in Contemporary American Society, Adolescent Development and Psychology, and Philosophical Perspectives on Education. Upon completing your required courses, you must spend one full semester student teaching in a middle or high school classroom. With this experience, you can prepare for your future career and start building professional connections in your local teaching community.

The Maryland Higher Education Commission funds a variety of scholarships and grants for teaching students, including the Guaranteed Access Grant and the Delegate Scholarship.

Working in Secondary Education in Maryland

The Maryland State Board of Education licenses early, elementary, and secondary teachers in Maryland. You must first register to take the PRAXIS-II, a nationally-required teaching exam, before applying for your state teaching license.

You may benefit from a strong job outlook as a secondary teacher in Maryland. Between 2012 and 2022, O*Net anticipates a 7 percent increase in teaching jobs. On average, this is expected to create nearly 1,400 new jobs per year (O*Net, 2012).

In general, salaries in Maryland are higher than the national average. O*Net reports an average salary of $60,800 per year for secondary teachers.

Your future starts here, with the decision to become a middle or high school teacher. Get started by contacting secondary education programs in Maryland, education yourself about which school will be best for you.