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Secondary Education Degrees in Maine

What’s the fastest and most efficient way to improve a state’s economy, career growth, and resident quality of life? Educating its citizens, of course. If you’re committed to helping Maine’s students grow up to be successful adults, it’s time to look into secondary education programs in Maine.

You can find a full listing of all the secondary ed programs in Maine below, and we suggest that you contact them all to get program details today.

Education reform is of high importance in Maine, and quality teachers are at the center of it all. The Bangor Daily News reports that educational reforms throughout Maine have emphasized the importance of student learning and success.

As a teaching professional, your daily work may be the key to meeting state and national standards. The Sun Journal notes that Maine has recently adopted the Maine Educational Assessment, a standardized test to assess how well students are learning.

By becoming a middle or high school teacher, you can become part of the education community of Maine. Superintendent Emmanuel Caulk notes that educational success is the job of every teaching professional in Maine.

Overview of Secondary Education Programs in Maine

There are many steps to succeeding as a teacher in Maine. First, you must choose the right program for you. In addition to studying the field of education, you must select an academic subject to study. Options include psychology, business, art, music, English, and mathematics. It’s essential to choose a field that you are passionate about, since you need to bring this subject to life for your students.

As part of your secondary education curriculum, you may take courses in teaching theory, educational history, teaching techniques for adolescent students, and Maine-specific teaching standards and requirements. Some of the courses that you may be required to take include Educational Assessment, Evaluation of Instruction, Dynamics of the Curriculum, and Research in the Field of Education.

It’s clearly not enough to have a thorough understanding of educational theory and research. Rather, you must also be able to perform in the classroom. That’s where classroom experiences come in. As early as your first semester, you may take on a teaching role in a secondary classroom. This culminates in your student teaching experience, the final requirement of your degree. Student teaching lasts one semester and takes the place of other school and work obligations.

Working in Secondary Education in Maine

Before you can take on a position at the head of a Maine classroom, you must obtain your teaching license. Teaching licenses are administered by the Maine State Board of Education after you pass the PRAXIS-II.

With your teaching license, you can go on to explore the teaching field in Maine. Each year between 2012 and 2022, O*Net expects to see the creation of almost 150 new secondary teaching jobs.

Becoming an education professional may allow you to boost your earning potential. O*Net reports that the average salary for a Maine teacher is $48,700 per year, which is in line with the national average.

It is impossible to overstate the importance of education in Maine. By learning more about secondary education programs in Maine, you can take the first step to a rewarding and impactful career.

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