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Secondary Education Degrees in Indiana

Children, particularly those in their adolescent years, learn more than just academic subjects from their teachers. They discover how to interact successfully with peers and instructors, how to prioritize, and how to think critically. If you want a career that makes a difference, learn more about secondary education programs in Indiana. You can request information directly from our site to learn more about how to enter the field by expanding your education.

Secondary teachers have had great success in Indiana in recent years. Since 2010, the amount of students that attend college after high school has increased by 20%, leading to a more educated and robust workforce.

Indiana is also well-known for its interest and investment in education, leading it to support teachers in a variety of unusual ways. Indiana recently became the first state to drop Common Core standards. This move permits teachers to teach in ways that they know to be efficient, rather than teach to a standardized test.

If you want to teach science, engineering, mathematics, or technology, this may be a particularly promising career path for you. Indiana has slipped behind in STEM fields, leading to a growing need for passionate STEM teachers.

If you’re ready to take the first step to a teaching career, reach out to secondary education programs in Indiana today.

Overview of Secondary Education Programs in Indiana

To become a teacher in Indiana, you must take a large selection of courses that focus on teaching theory, the history of education, your chosen teaching subject, and general education subjects. For many students, this means earning a Bachelor’s degree in about four years of full-time study. For those who already have a Bachelor’s degree, this may mean pursuing a Master’s degree or looking into alternative certification programs.

Becoming familiar with the curriculum of your teaching program can help you absorb all that you need to know from your teaching program. As you begin your training, you may take courses like Learning Theory and Practice, Adolescents in a Learning Community, Using Computers in Education, Content Area Literacy, Classroom Management, and Curriculum and Assessment.

The further you get into your program, the more time you may spend gaining field experience in a middle school or high school classroom. Of course, this all leads to your student teaching semester, during which you maintain the same duties and hours of a licensed teacher. Confidence, subject area knowledge, and teaching skills are all of the utmost importance in your teaching education.

Working in Secondary Education in Indiana

As you begin your career, you may find out that Indiana has an exciting job outlook for secondary teachers. Through 2022, O*Net anticipates a 10% increase in secondary teaching jobs in Indiana.

Salaries in this field vary between school districts and even between teachers. However, O*Net indicates that the average salary for an Indiana high school teacher is $51,000 per year.

Prior to enjoying the benefits of a teaching career in Indiana, you should earn your teaching license from the Indiana State Board of Education.

Now is a great time to get started in the field of teaching. Contact secondary education programs in Indiana today to learn more about costs, curriculum and enrolling.