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Secondary Education Degrees in Idaho

When adults are asked to comment on their influences and those who have made a difference in their lives, teachers come up more often than not. While a bad or mediocre teacher can stunt a child’s educational development, a truly excellent teacher can change a child’s life forever. If you’re ready to make your mark on Idaho, consider a career in secondary education. Find the programs listed on our site that interest you, then request additional details to learn more.

As a secondary school teacher in Idaho, you can carry out reforms and standards that are meant to increase the overall education of Idaho’s residents. Recently, Idaho law changed to require high school students to pass a civics test before getting their diploma.

Furthermore, Idaho has historically treated its teachers very well. This may create a positive work environment for you as you begin your career. A recent bill failed to pass after Idaho educators spoke out against it.

Finally, a career in high school education can put you in a position to improve Idaho’s graduation numbers. Currently, the graduation rate sits at an impressive 77.3 percent.

If you’re ready to consider this career path, take the first step now by contacting secondary education programs in Idaho!

Overview of Secondary Education Programs in Idaho

Secondary education programs are meant to give you the theoretical knowledge and practical skills that are required in Idaho’s classrooms. As you work your way through a Bachelor’s degree, a Master’s degree, or an alternative certification program, you may take courses in adolescent psychology, teaching theories, and classroom skills for different subject areas.

Your curriculum, as a result, should be fairly diverse. You may take courses like Contexts of Education, Fundamentals of Public Speaking, Teaching Culturally Diverse Learners, Literacy Methods for Content Learning, and Educating for Exceptionalities. Since teachers at the middle school and high school levels teach one specific subject area, you must choose an area of study to focus on. Much of your coursework comes from that field of study. Options vary between schools, but choices may include art, music, history, physics, and chemistry.

You should plan on testing your skills frequently throughout your education. In fact, teaching students spend quite a bit of time in secondary classrooms. In addition to short classroom experiences that may take place each year, you finish a student teaching experience at the culmination of your degree. During this experience, you can network with schools, teaching professionals, and others in the field of education.

Working in Secondary Education in Idaho

Upon completing your degree in education, you can start the process of earning your teaching license. This requires a passing score on the PRAXIS-II and a completed application submitted to the Idaho State Board of Education.

Idaho’s job outlook is positive for middle school and high school teachers. Through the year 2022, O*Net expects to see a 7 percent increase in job openings, possibly leading to more than 100 job openings per year.
You may enjoy a high earning potential as an education professional in Idaho. O*Net reports an average salary of $45,300 per year for secondary teachers.

Change the future of Idaho and the lives of children with a degree in education. Use our listings below to contact secondary education programs in Idaho.

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