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Secondary Education Degrees in Washington, D.C.

Education is a hot issue and a significant priority across the United States. But in Washington D.C., where educational policies are developed and tested, teachers and the techniques they use are even more important. If you’re ready to take on the demands that come with teaching adolescents, learn more about secondary education programs in Washington DC now by contacting the schools below.

By becoming a teacher in this part of the country, you can influence important policies and changes in the educational system. For example, a major issue in Washington D.C. education is the inclusion of charter schools.

Washington D.C. education professionals are working hard to increase staffing and teaching levels at schools throughout the district. A recent report claims that the D.C. educational system hopes to hire 200 new staff at their schools.

Teaching at the secondary level requires you to meet certain challenges. For example, chronic truancy rates in this region were above 50% in the 2013-2014 school year.

Overview of Secondary Education Programs in Washington DC

There are several different licensure paths for teaching professionals in Washington D.C. If you’ve previously earned a Bachelor’s degree in an academic area of study, you may be able to earn your teaching certification in less than one year. A Master’s degree is another option, requiring about two years of study. New students may choose to earn a Bachelor’s degree in about four years.

As you look over the curriculum for secondary teaching programs in Washington D.C., you’ll see that you tackle many different subjects. Some of the courses that you may take as a new student include Instructional Models and Classroom Management, Theories of Learning and Development, and Development & Diversity. High-level courses in your curriculum may include Diagnostic Teaching in Secondary School, Teacher Leadership in Education, and Adolescent Psychology. Your degree should culminate with one semester of student teaching in a nearby middle school or high school.

Washington D.C. is home to many organizations and associations that have scholarship programs for aspiring teachers. Math for America is an association that supports students who want to teach mathematics. DC Teaching Fellows is another popular scholarship resource for District of Columbia teachers.

Working in Secondary Education in Washington DC

All licensing of Washington D.C. teachers goes through the District of Columbia State Board of Education. This region follows federal licensing standards, including a passing score on the PRAXIS-II and a clean background check.

Job growth in Washington D.C. is on par with job growth expected across the country. Through 2022, O*Net anticipates a 6% increase in Washington D.C. secondary education jobs. You may find that salaries in this field are similar to nationally-reported averages. The average salary for a secondary teacher in Washington D.C. is $54,700 per year (O*Net, 2013).

The field of education is looking for dedicated teachers. Take the first step today by contacting secondary education programs in Washington D.C.